John Deere Section Control and Variable Rate Application

Want the utmost level of precision when you spray, seed or spread?

 John Deere Section Control minimize skips and overlap automatically, thanks to advanced section control technology. As a result, you can do a better job faster – and save money on fuel and materials too.

Teamed with Variable Rate Application, you are now able to apply the exact amounts of fertilizer, crop protection and seed required – with pinpoint accuracy.



Section Control

John Deere Section Control - minimize skips and overlap automatically
Overlap and crop damage due to overspray can be avoided with John Deere Section control which reduces the application costs and increases efficiency. You can easily calculate the savings per ha or year with our Section Control calculator.

 €/ha      €/year
Chemical costs / ha
Chemical costs / year
Farm area
Applications per year
Usage of sprayer (years)

Costs for Section Control
Savings with Section Control
Savings with Section Control:
The calculation gives an approximate saving value, based on average chemical cost´s per ha, farm size, number of applications and usages of sprayer. The savings in percentage can vary based on the structure of the fields.