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Manure Sensing


  • Real time measurements of dry matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and ammonium on-the-go, with more than 4000 measurements per second.
  • Utilize the full potential of organic nutrients in manure.
  • Maximize yield and product quality while cutting costs on mineral fertilizer.
  • Maintain accurate records of the amount of nutrients applied and view this documentation directly in the Operations Center.

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    John Deere Manure Sensing


    Nutrients for your business

    Manure is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. But, until now, natural variance and rapid settling left the success of manure fertilization up to chance. With John Deere Manure Sensing, you can now make the most of manure’s rich nutrient profile – easily and efficiently.

    Precisely measuring what's in the manure, John Deere Manure Sensing allows you to adjust application rates to achieve site-specific nutrient target levels. This helps you maximize yield and product quality while cutting costs on mineral fertilizer later in the spring. In our field tests we could reach savings between €0.50 and €1.60 per cubic meter, in time and working cost.



    HarvestLab NIR Sensor – the key to accurate measurements

    The heart of the solution is our Harvest Lab near-infrared (NIR) sensor, which was developed with Carl Zeiss and is mounted close to the applicator. It measures constituents of liquid manure ingredients – total Nitrogen, Ammonium-Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and dry matter – with more than 4.000 measurements per second during application in the field. As a reference the NIR sensor uses calibrations developed by the LKV/LKS – Landwirtschaftliche Kommunikations- und Servicegesellschaft mbH. The LKS is an independent laboratory that owns and maintains a continuously growing database of liquid manure nutrient measurements which serves as the basis for the calibrations.

    Setting the parameters

    Setting the parameters

    John Deere Manure Sensing is controlled intuitively, via the familiar GreenStar 2630 Display. Thereby, the slurry application can be based on a nutrient target rate for one ingredient, for example nitrogen. Simultaneously, an optional limit rate for a second ingredient can be defined. To make it even more convenient, you can also use a prescription map.

    Applying the nutrients

    Applying the nutrients

    During application, the NIR sensor compares actual nutrient levels with target levels with more than 4000 readings per second. John Deere tractors offer fully automated speed adjustment, ensuring that the optimum amount is reaching the soil. On non-John Deere tractors, speed adjustment is performed manually. If the speed adjustment has reached its limits, for example when driving uphill, flow rates can be adjusted for selected slurry tanker brands.

    Documenting the application

    Documenting the application

    For contractors and farmers alike, it’s essential to record each manure application and the amount of nutrients applied. The GreenStar 2630 display precisely documents the site-specific application together with the volume of manure applied. The as-applied map can then be transferred to and viewed directly in the Operations Center on MyJohnDeere.com.

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