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Constituent Sensing


  • Harvest crop constituents measured in less than one second
  • Moisture/dry matter, protein, starch and NDF/ADF (fibre) analysis for easy cattle fodder preparation
  • Automatic adjustment of length of cut depending on dry matter content

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    Constituent Sensing

    Real-time constituent evaluation

    Teamed with John Deere Constituent Sensing, HarvestLab is the first complete constituent evaluation solution for farmers, biogas plant operators, feedstock advisors and nutritionists

    For biogas producers HarvestLab gives much greater control over the use of silage additives for higher silage quality preservation. Livestock and dairy farmers profit from more frequent and convenient sampling as well as real-time detection of changes in feed quality. Based on silage quality and quantity, they are now able to manage the supplementary concentrates level in a better way. For contractors it provides additional capability for new value added customer services and flexible billing options.

    Developed and patented with Carl Zeiss, HarvestLab uses Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy for the simultaneous measurement of the various constituents of harvested crops in less than one second. It is certified by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) for maize silage dry matter analysis.

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