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Core is a vital part of the remanufacturing process. Returning cores enables John Deere to support and sustain the livelihood of a machine. John Deere Reman uses a variable core credit system, whereby the credit varies depending on the product line and the condition of the core. See your local dealer for more details.

Returning cores also falls under the John Deere environmental commitment initiatives that include recycling, resource conservation, pollution prevention and energy conservation.

What is core material?

  • Core is failed material.
  • Core is used parts.
  • Core is trash and landfill material.
  • Core is raw material.

How does core material save money?

  • Core value is added to the part price to insure its return.
  • Core value is not lost by returning the part.
  • Core value is returned when the part is returned.
  • Core value is lost when parts are not returned.
  • Core recovery reduces resources needed to produce new.


What is the value of core material?


  • Core material serves as raw material for Reman processes and is therefore critical to supporting the Reman value proposition offering customers low cost service solutions.
  • Core material recovery keeps the used OEM parts from competitors. If core parts are sold to the market, they compete with John Deere and the dealer.
  • Core material reduces resources by reducing the need for mining, processing, melting, casting, and machining of new parts.