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John Deere remanufactured products are the best value for your money. They are the highest quality remanufactured products available on the market and are remanufactured to extremely stringent John Deere standards. Additionally, this is all available at a reduced cost, priced at approximately 50-70% of new parts.

When you are considering remanufactured components, there is only one way to ensure original OEM quality, and that is to source all remanufactured parts from an original equipment manufacturer. This ensures the incorporation of the many benefits linked through remanufacturing with the invaluable presence of peace of mind.

When choosing a John Deere remanufactured product, you can rest assured knowing the component you need has been designed by John Deere engineers, built by John Deere trained technicians, and installed by an authorized John Deere dealer. John Deere Reman components are the optimal low cost repair alternative.

Easy and Efficient Operations

  • Off the shelf component availability increases shop productivity and decreases customer downtime.
  • Convenience of using present parts ordering system via JDPoint.
  • Immediate order processing.
  • Complete component exchange reduces the need for complex diagnostics.
  • Billing and core credits are handled expeditiously through the John Deere system.
  • Packaging is designed for easy re-use of core returns.
  • Installation kits and instructions are included with each remanufactured component.
  • Core returns are direct from the dealer to the John Deere Core Center. Freight is included in the price of the part.
  • John Deere Reman's goal is 95% of all orders filled the same day.
  • Fixed component pricing allows for accurate quotes to customers, thus eliminating the unknown cost factor with rebuilding.

Quality Assurance

  •  John Deere Reman components are proven to be equal to new in reliability and performance.
  • Components are 100% John Deere approved.
  • Parts include the latest design and performance improvement updates.
  • John Deere Reman facilities are ISO 9002 certified.
  • Warranty is designed to protect the end user investment and dealer liability.
  • 100% of remanufactured products undergo John Deere certified performance testing.
  • John Deere Reman has access to confidential proprietary information needed to remanufacture.
  • 100% genuine John Deere parts are used in the remanufacturing process.

Reman Process

  • 100% disassembly and inspection of every part.
  • Components are remanufactured to the original John Deere specifications or replaced with new.
  • 100% of all wear parts are replaced with new John Deere parts.
  • Remanufacturing processes include the latest engineering standards.
  • Operational test of every remanufactured component.
  • Complete remanufacturing, not rebuilding, not reconditioning.

Environmental Benefits

  • Remanufacturing aligns corporate objectives with direct benefits to society and the environment.
  • John Deere Reman conducts its business in a manner that supports the protection and preservation of human health.
  • John Deere Reman maintains a comprehensive safety program that includes extensive employee training designed to prevent workplace accidents.
  • Promotion of continuous improvement by assessing the potential environmental impact of programs and processes in the planning phase of all projects.
  • Environmental initiatives include recycling, resource conservation, pollution prevention, and energy conservation.
  • John Deere Reman is subject to performance monitoring and audits to ensure consistency between environmental policy and practice.