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Connected Machines

Pamhagen, 29 June 2015 – For the year 2016 customers who purchase the “connectivity package” alongside with a tractor, combine or self-propelled sprayer will benefit from the resulting liaison:

  • Connected to the local John Deere dealer, customers are not only purchasing technology solutions but also receive the appropriate level of product support.
  • Connected to satellites with AutoTrac, customers will benefit from automated guidance.
  • Connected to implements with ‘Tractor Implement Automation’ the machine performance and operator comfort can be enhanced.
  • Connected through the cellular network to John Deere FarmSight telematics solutions (machines / operators / fields) customers can enhance their overall business performance.

With JDLink, John Deere Remote Display Access (RDA), John Deere Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and John Deere Mobile Data Transfer (MDT), a suite of innovative solutions is available to connect all-makes machines and ISOBUS implements to the Operations Center.

Besides providing machine performance data for further analysis and machine optimization, sending alerts, allowing geo-fencing and fleet monitoring, John Deere has now announced that JDLink will soon also deliver on-the-go ISOBUS implement data, starting with John Deere pull-type sprayers (e.g. actual spray pressure, actual application rate, actual tank fill level, total sprayed area, etc.). This will reduce the risk for applications being executed incorrectly and provides solid data and helps to ensure that quality jobs are completed, correctly. Only upon customer approval, John Deere dealers can remotely connect to their machines to update software, access diagnostic codes and perform trouble-shooting.

With RDA and leveraging the Operations Center, farm managers, experienced operators, the local John Deere dealer or even an implement manufacturer can provide remote operator support to optimize machine and/or implement set-up and assist in potential operator queries.

Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) serves as an integrated and advanced solution to allow bi-directional data exchange of set-up files, prescription maps and documentation data between the office and machine in the field. Mobile Data Transfer (MDT) will be available as of Agritechnica 2015. It delivers similar core features but primarily targets older John Deere and equipment of other makes that are not enabled for CAN data collection with a JDLink telematics system. Both solutions are saving customers significant time and add flexibility by supplying reliable on-time data. WDT further automates data transfer reducing risk of loss and saving time.


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