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John Deere Combine Product News 2015

NEW: ‘ConnectedCombine’

Mannheim, 25 September 2014 - For Model Year 2015 John Deere launches the ‘ConnectedCombine’ package which features Remote Display Access (RDA) and a free 24hr/7day dealer online support, Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) and the automated steering system AutoTrac. As an industry first, with RDA the combine’s display screen can be shared with a local dealer specialist to help the operator with setup and optimization.

In combination with RDA, John Deere’s Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) helps the operator to leverage the knowhow of a specialist at the dealership who is familiar with the local harvesting conditions. “It is the personal connection which many people miss in today’s computerized world which makes the difference especially during the hectic harvesting time,” says Georg Larscheid FarmSight Manager at John Deere.

Connected to the combine via RDA and the hands-free Bluetooth cellular phone, the French dealer Agri86 demonstrated his S685i with Remote Display Access already this summer: “It was amazing to see how the performance in t/h went up after we optimized the harvesting speed, the ICA settings and the HarvestSmart function”, says David Jonchere, Product Sales Specialist John Deere France SA.

As an intuitive tool, the Interactive Combine Adjustment enables the driver to optimize the combine via a setup wizard which asks him about his objectives (e.g. higher performance at reduced losses) and suggests the vital steps to optimize the machine. The operator can either accept or deny these suggestions.

Remote Display Access enables the Dealer Specialist to see the screen of the combine cab on his computer or on an i-pad and personally help the driver to optimize machine settings.

T-Series Combine Updates

For its T-Series combines John Deere offers a high performance package to achieve a 10% performance increase even under difficult and moist harvesting conditions. The package includes a swing-in/out separator grate and high performance shoe elements for the pre-cleaner and chaffer.

S-Series Combine Updates

Active Concave Isolation

The small tough grain package has been designed to enhance the performance of the S680, S685 and S690 combines by 5% in moist harvesting conditions and is recommended for straw moisture levels above 25%. It features the variable stream rotor, heavy-duty separator grates, interrupter bars and an active concave isolation. Balancing the crop flow in tough conditions it reacts flexibly in case a larger amount of material suddenly passes through the machine. The re-designed new 4 strand feeder house and the new 8 wing feeding drum further improve crop flow compared to previous large S-Series machines.

More Power and final TIER IV engines

With a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), the S660 and S670 combines for EU28+ markets are now meeting final TIER IV engine emission regulations. The maximum horse power level increased on the S660 by 19hp to 392hp and on the S670 by 24hp to 449hp.

New headers


Draper technology has revolutionized the header market in North America for years. John Deere has collected positive experience in Europe as well with its new 600D draper. The main difference compared to the previous technology is the larger width of the belt in combination with the top auger. Both make the header perform well in rape up to 6t / ha. The 640D 12.2m wide draper header will enhance the productivity of an S690i by at least 10% due to feeding the crop heads first into the combine. The header also features two support wheels which enable better contour following and conversion into a transport mode. The headers are available from 6.6m to 12.2m (625D to 640D), rape side knives are optionally available.


To meet the needs of farmers who must harvest short ore down crops the 600F header may be the best choice. This header type made its successful debut in Europe this year and helped to minimize losses even at higher forward speeds. With the touch of a button, the operator can preselect the flexibility of the header knife. In maximum flex-mode the header can compensate height differences of up to 30cm (15cm of flex in both directions). Due to the ground contour following eatable beans, soybeans and down crop are collected perfectly. The 600F headers are available in different sizes from 6.0m to 10.7m (620-635F). A rigid mode enables the use of the header with a rape extension or if standing crop must be harvested for a longer time.


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