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New John Deere Strategy Takes Intelligent Farming to the Next Level

HANOVER - (13 November) -

John Deere is launching a new global suite of advanced solutions under the name John Deere FarmSight, designed to help optimise machine and farm operations.


The John Deere FarmSight strategy integrates wireless technology into arable and livestock farms, the contractor’s business and the John Deere dealership to a much deeper level than ever before. In the future, John Deere FarmSight will connect equipment, owners, operators, dealers and agricultural consultants in order to enhance productivity and increase efficiency, by sharing information as well as sustainable practices to help reduce overall input costs.


In simple terms, John Deere FarmSight will provide integrated solutions in the areas of Machine Optimisation, Logistics Optimisation and Ag Decision Support, enabling additional productivity enhancements through machine connectivity and intelligence. These solutions will include user-friendly monitors, sensors and wireless networks for machinery, and agronomic data to facilitate operational decision making.

John Deere FarmSight integrated solutions will consist of three main elements:

  • Intelligent John Deere machinery
  • Innovative Agricultural Management Solutions
  • Complementary services provided by the John Deere dealer


New John Deere FarmSight integrated solutions for 2012

NEW Intelligent John Deere Machinery
New John Deere tractors, combines and sprayers are equipped with built-in intelligence as they leave the factory.


  • Fully ISOBUS equipped
Every 6R, 7R, 8R and 9R Series tractor is fully ISOBUS ready, so ISOBUS compatible implements can be controlled without any additional hardware requirements. As standard equipment on these new John Deere tractors, John Deere has introduced:
The fully integrated ISOBUS 11783 compliant GreenStar 3 Command Center Display (with full colour touch screen) to control ISOBUS compatible implements and run manual and automatic guidance applications (Parallel Tracking and AutoTrac).

  • AutoTrac ready
All new 7R, 8R and 9R Series John Deere tractors are fully AutoTrac ready ex-factory, including machine specific system components. To make the system fully functional, only a StarFire DGPS receiver and the AutoTrac activation key have to be added.

  • JDLink Inside telematics system
This includes hardware and a JDLink Ultimate subscription for the following John Deere product ranges:
  • New Stage IIIB compliant John Deere 7R and 8R Series tractors
  • New model year 2012 Stage IIIB compliant John Deere W660, all T Series and all S Series combines from John Deere Werke Zweibrücken
  • Model year 2012 self-propelled forage harvesters from Zweibrücken

Besides remote monitoring of a machine’s location, fuel consumption and status, JDLink Ultimate also enables remote diagnostics via John Deere’s exclusive Service Advisor Remote technology. The machine automatically generates message alerts via e-mail or mobile phone (SMS) when service or maintenance is required. Based on the machine owner’s preference, message alerts can be sent directly to the owner/fleet manager, the John Deere dealer or both. This entirely new level of service increases the efficiency of machine diagnostics, maintenance and repair, and therefore reduces machine downtime.

NEW Innovative Agricultural Management Solutions

New Machine Sync optimises crop harvesting logistics

John Deere Machine Sync (DLG Silver Medal) is the latest addition to the company’s Agricultural Management Solutions portfolio and supports the implementation of the John Deere FarmSight strategy. Designed as a logistics optimisation tool, Machine Sync enables machines to exchange data on-the-go by providing the tractor operator with appropriate information to improve the efficiency of the logistics chain.


On his monitor, the tractor operator can view a map which displays the position of harvesters and of other tractor/trailer units in the field to enable a more targeted approach. Depending on the level of grain in the combine’s tank, Machine Sync sets priorities for the unloading process and indicates which harvester needs to be unloaded next. In turn, the combine operator can actively call a tractor and trailer to begin their approach for unloading.


As a next step, an additional feature enables the tractor operator to accept the unloading request, which will automatically exclude other tractor/trailer units from approaching the same combine. According to the ‘leader & follower’ principle, Machine Sync can even allow the combine operator to take command of the tractor and grain trailer, once a predetermined distance from the combine is reached. When Machine Sync is activated, the combine operator begins to steer the tractor and grain trailer relative to the combine’s speed and travel direction. Since Machine Sync only requires an AutoTrac fully automatic steering system to be fitted to the tractor, the combine operator can manually ‘guide’ the tractor alongside his machine.

  • Innovative John Deere HarvestLab sensor analyses crop constituents
John Deere Constituent Sensing (DLG Silver Medal) is a software update designed for organic material constituent sensing, implemented on the John Deere HarvestLab near-infra red (NIR) spectrometer. The John Deere HarvestLab system has now been enhanced to sense additional silage quality parameters, such as protein, sugar, starch, fibre (ADF/NDF) and ash content, either on–the-go on John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters or as a portable stationary unit for feed nutritionists. This development is the result of the long standing relationship between John Deere and Zeiss, a leading expert in the manufacture of NIR spectrometers.

Since the release of HarvestLab, robust constituent sensing calibration curves have been developed for John Deere, thanks to DairyLab – John Deere’s partner and a worldwide expert in NIR silage calibration curves. Since the sensor can work with multiple calibration curves in parallel, John Deere HarvestLab can predict the content of a single constituent or several constituents simultaneously in a second, without additional measurement time. Furthermore, this enhancement allows the SPFH’s silage additive rate to be adjusted automatically according to the crop sugar content or HarvestLab’s dry matter readings. This results in higher silage quality and better control of feed costs.


Another key feature of John Deere’s constituent sensing is the fully integrated system of recording and documenting silage quality and yield data on the forage harvester’s GreenStar display. This helps the silage producer to manage his feed ration and additive calculations more efficiently.

  • Potato Suite – a joint development by John Deere and Grimme

Following the wider use of the ISOBUS standard on tractors and implements, John Deere and Grimme have been jointly awarded a DLG Silver Medal for tractor/implement automation systems on potato planters and potato harvesters. Potato Suite helps to automate a number of tasks throughout the entire potato production process from planting to harvesting. In a breakthrough innovation, Auto Implement Detection provides automated transfer of the implement’s geometry to the tractor display for guidance and documentation purposes. The tractor/implement automation features include ongoing control of the hitch, pto speed, tractor speed, hydraulic flow of additional SCVs, automatic steering, the headland management system and the iSteer implement steering system.


In addition to easier and time-saving set-up for documentation, the key benefits of Potato Suite are enhanced potato planting precision, product quality improvements, less operator fatigue, avoidance of operating errors, fuel savings, less soil stress and reduced equipment wear.

NEW complementary services provided by John Deere dealers

  • RTK Signals from John Deere dealers
The need for increased positioning accuracy (to +/-2cm), specifically for automatic guidance and machine automation applications, drives the need for RTK (real time kinematic) signal availability. A fast growing number of participating John Deere dealers can now offer RTK signal availability in their trading areas, providing a complete solution for high-accuracy guidance applications and increased productivity for many farming operations.


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