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New 900 Series Balers

Both the 960 and 990 models represent state-of-the-art technology and significantly enhance baler productivity and capacity, bale density and operating comfort.

Lisbon, June 2011 - The new generation 900 Series variable chamber round balers from John Deere’s Arc-Les-Gray factory has been designed to address the specific requirements of contractors and large livestock farms.

Both the 960 and 990 models, with bale diameters from 80-160cm and 80-185cm respectively, represent state-of-the-art technology and significantly enhance baler productivity and capacity, bale density and operating comfort. In addition, built-in reliability and durability is provided by the exclusive fullframe design, which relieves the entire bale chamber from external stress. A key feature of these new round balers is the Fast Release System (FRS), which enables the operator to unload the completed bale in less than five seconds. This employs a unique ‘curtain’ design at the rear of the baler, which replaces the conventional door and significantly speeds up the bale ejection process. The new FRS can ultimately lead to savings of up to an hour a day in the field.

For improved crop flow and enhanced reliability, the newly designed high capacity pick-up uses five rows of tines instead of the four on traditional models, and the high capacity rotor, which is available with 13 or 25 knives, is fully aligned with the converging augers.

The 900 Series balers are also equipped with a new drop-floor system, which operates over the total width of the rotor and allows easy removal of blockages. Maximum bale density is provided by the newly designed MaxD bale chamber concept, which means fewer bales per hectare need to be wrapped, handled and transported. This design features an offset density arm that transmits optimal tension to two wide endless belts. In addition, two flexible side panels ensure that the baler reaches maximum capacity without any risk of the bale jamming in the chamber. Three powered rollers inside the chamber make starting the bale easier, especially under wet conditions.

To allow continuous visual control of the wrapping process on the new 900 Series balers, the net wrapping system is located in front of the machine. The net is pulled directly into the bale chamber and plugging is therefore avoided, whatever type of net (CoverEdge or Edge to Edge) or net length is being used.

To further enhance operating efficiency on long working days, the 900 Series balers are ISOBUS certified and can be equipped with a GreenStar 1800 display. This shows most of the key machine settings and functions, including bale density and size, soft core pressure and diameter, knife selection and operation of the drop-floor unplugging system.

To boost operator comfort and productivity, the new 900 Series round balers will be available with Tractor Implement Automation (TIA)* from 2012. When operated with a tractor featuring ISOBUS, a continuously variable transmission and electronic SCVs, this baler automation system will also significantly reduce the harvest workload – instead of the driver having to stop the tractor to open and close the rear of the baler, TIA manages everything using simple fingertip control to complete the baling process.


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