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With more than 20% market share, John Deere tractors have maintained the leading position in France for the seventh consecutive year

January 2011 - According to an assessment of the 2010 tractor market by the trade publication Materiel Agricole, John Deere increased its market share in France to 20.8%, up from 19.7% the previous year. Despite a 22.2% market decline to approximately 23,875 comparable units, the company was able to exceed the 20% market share milestone for the first time in John Deere’s 50 year history in France.

“The fact that we were able to gain market share, despite a significant downturn in demand, reflects the quality of our product range, the commitment of our dealers and the dedication of our entire marketing staff,” said Remi Hanot, general sales manager of John Deere France SA in Ormes.

As assessed by Materiel Agricole, the next best competitor achieved a share of 16.9%, with the remaining four key competitors gaining between 12 and 8% of the market. “Due to EU legislation, the numbers disclosed by Materiel Agricole are not final, nor are they official. But traditionally, they have proved to be pretty accurate,” added Hanot.

In addition to the UK, France, Germany and Spain, John Deere holds the leading position in a number of other tractor markets throughout the European Union.