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Horst, 28 February 2011 - Following the termination of its contractual relationship with Louis Nagel B.V. effective 28 February 2011, John Deere announces the establishment of a company-owned Sales Office in the strategically important Dutch market. “John Deere Nederland B.V.” will reside in the “Communicatiehuis” in Horst, next to the company’s Sprayer factory John Deere Fabriek Horst B.V.

As part of its efforts to better serve the needs of customers and support its newly aligned John Deere dealer network, John Deere Nederland B.V. will employ approximately 15 people. Led by Country Sales Manager Stefan Lutzke, the new team will provide customer, product and spare parts support for both agricultural and turf equipment dealers in the Netherlands.

Forming a dedicated network of...

“Since the announcement of the termination of the distribution agreement with our former partner, we have been closely working with a number of highly professional dealers to form a resilient network which holds great promise for the future” says Dirk Berning, Division Sales Manager of John Deere International GmbH in Schaffhausen who supervises selected Western European markets. “The alignment of our dealer organization in the Netherlands is consistent with the ‘dealer of the future’ strategy which we announced in 2006. As our customers’ expectations rise, our strategy foresees the establishment of fewer, larger dealerships which will be able to serve them in an even more professional manner, i.e. as consultants rather than simply being machinery providers.”

“In line with our overall ambitions, our dealer network aspires to achieve an overall market share goal of 25% plus in the Netherlands”, adds Stefan Lutzke. “Considering John Deere’s future product portfolio growth and ambitious technology orientation, we are truly convinced that we can only accomplish this with a smaller number of larger ‘scale’ partners. Our ultimate goal is to provide highly professional advice and the best possible product support to Dutch customers, including competitive financing options through John Deere Financial Services, which will be introduced shortly to the Dutch market”.

... experienced partners

John Deere Nederland B.V. has carefully selected its partners of choice. All of them held the John Deere franchise before. Contracts have been concluded with 5 dealers who will both be awarded agricultural and turf equipment contracts. Another 3 dealers will exclusively serve the agricultural equipment segment and one John Deere dealer will sell turf equipment only”. “With larger territories of responsibility, these dealers achieve economies of scale which will enable them to invest and provide more professional support, in terms of manpower, expertise and proximity. It is our goal to ensure that customers reach their local dealer outlet within 30 minutes driving time” adds Lutzke. “In addition, we plan to nominate roughly 85 dealers to serve the Homeowner customer segment”.

These are John Deere’s partners/dealer groups in the Netherlands:

S.J. Staadegaard & Zonen B.V. (Ag & Turf)
Geert-Jan de Kok B.V. (Ag)
Agri-Machines B.V. (a Vervaet/Stehouwer company) (Ag & Turf)
Kraakman B.V. (Ag)
Westrenen Mechanisatie B.V. (Ag)
Greve B.V. (Ag & Turf)
Jan de Winkel GOOR (Ag & Turf)
GroeNoord (a Boersma/Popken/Jansen&Meppelink company) (Ag & Turf)
Perfors - Maréchal B.V. (Turf)

Stefan Lutzke
Country Sales Manager
John Deere Nederland B.V.
Expeditiestraat 12
NL - 5961 PX Horst