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Since its founding in 1837, John Deere has seen a great many changes in its business, its products, its services.


In 1837, John Deere, blacksmith and inventor, had little more than a blacksmith shop, a piece of discarded polished steel, and an idea that would help farmers, changing the face of agriculture for all time.

Moments that made John Deere the company it is today.

Past Leaders

The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership.  For over 175 years, John Deere has benefitted by strong, decisive leaders at its helm, dedicated to the core principles of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

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Today, Deere & Company is one of the world’s most admired businesses. It was no accident. We work every day to uphold our founder's core values. Because integrity, quality, commitment, innovation are not ideals we work towards. We live them. We breathe them. These values are the true essence of how we work and are in every product, service and opportunity we offer you.


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