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Why use mulching?

Get your mowing done faster!

Want the same high quality finish in just two-thirds of the time? With the specially-designed blades and deep dome mower deck, the John Deere mulching mowers chop clippings small enough to be returned to the ground (see image 1).

There’s no need to empty the grass collector – and less need for artificial fertilisers.

Natural goodness:

The nitrogen-rich clippings are returned to the lawn as natural fertiliser. This prevents loss of nutrients and moisture and allows you cut back on artificial fertiliser usage. Natural fertilisers such as grass clippings are a good way to keep your lawn lush and healthy (see image 2).

Even more improvements

Four blades chop clippings into fine pieces. These clippings do many jobs:

  • In hot weather the roots of the grass are kept cool.
  • Moisture is retained in the soil
  • Weed growth is slowed
  • The soil is protected and is not washed out during heavy rain.
  • The composted mulch layer acts as an organic fertiliser

Mulching reduces your working hours and the garden leavings significantly.

How to start with mulching:

The lawn should not have grown too high. Cut the tall grass on the surface with hinged collection bag. Begin mulching the next section.
If the lawn has grown too high, for example after a holiday, repeat the cut with a collection bag and start mulching a few days later.

Why compromise on natural growth?
We offer optional mulching kits for almost all of our walk-behind mowers, in addition to the JS Series which are dedicated mulching tools.

If you use a walk behind mower with an optional mulching kit, you can rebuild your mower into a collecting machine. Remove the plug and put on the collection bag.

Robotic Mower

John Deere Tango E5

Also, the Tango E5 is a perfect mulching mower. the special blade cuts the grass praticles small. If you don’t have time for mowing, you’ll love TANGO. It’s so convenient, you’ll wonder how you managed without. And so discreet, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

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