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  • HarvestLab Sensor
  • Harvest Doc
  • AutoLOC (Automatic Length of Cut adjustment)
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    AMS: John Deere i-Solutions for Self Propelled Forage Harvester


    Efficient harvesting is all about consistency. And with i-Solutions, you can be sure that whoever is on the machine will get excellent results every time.

    The i-Solutions for Self Propelled Forage Harvester give you three advanced systems as standard: HarvestLab, AutoLOC and HarvestDoc.



    Customer’s advantages

    Livestock- Reduced cost and maximum productivity for livestock operations.

    Reduced cost
    • Top preservation through optimum length of cut and silage additive dosage*
    • Higher silage quality to reduce costly supplement feed
    • Lower fuel consumption
    Maximum productivity with perfect rations
    • Balanced rations accurate dry matter values obtained in the field and with the stationary unit
    • Higher silage quality

    AMS: Livestock

    Contractor - Efficiency for contractors and perfect silage results for customers.

    Superb customer service
    • Differentiation through higher quality feed and preservation
    • Valuable crop information
    • Additional services such as additive application or feed ration balancing
    Increased efficiency and productivity
    • Automatic length of cut adjustment for optimum throughput
    • Optimised additive dosage based on dry matter, cut length and throughput
    • Additional GreenStar solutions such as AutoTrac assisted steering
    Intelligent management
    • Automated documentation for business management
    • Optional on-board printer for field-level proof of the work done
    • Additional GreenStar solutions such as JDLink

    AMS: Contractor

    Biogas Plant - Optimised supply management and maximum output for biogas plants

    Owners of biogas plants can also benefit from HarvestLab. The precise dry matter measurement allows optimisation of the liquid in the digester for increased gas production at no extra cost. A valuable contribution to increase the efficiency of your biogas plant!
    Supply management
    • Top preservation and reduced losses through optimum length of cut adjustment and additive dosage
    • Automated documentation for business management
    Fermentation and bacteria control for maximum output
    • Accurate crop mass measurement
    • Accurate crop dry matter measurement to manage best feeding ratios

    AMS: Biogas plant

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      * Up to 25% higher compaction, 15% less heating losses (University of Bonn, 2006); Standard silage inoculants can improve dry matter recovery by 1 to 2% and can improve animal performance by 3 to 5% (US Dairy Forage Center, Wisconsin)