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The John Deere 1175 Hydro combines are recognized for their performance, quality, ease of operation and low operating costs.


  • Designed specifically for agricultural applications.
  • Wet-type sleeves ensure high efficiency, longer life, lower costs and easy maintenance.
  • Components, such as: cylinder head, inlet and exhaust valves and pistons are designed to obtain high combustion efficiency providing a high performance with low fuel consumption.

  • A reliable system which acts on the traction speed variators (mechanical drive) and on the threshing cylinder, preventing belts from slipping and ensuring full use of the engine power.

Threshing Unit
  • The threshing system, with a 610 mm diameter threshing cylinder and 8 rasp bars, provides a smooth and efficient threshing operation.
  • Concave with 14 bars and a large wrap angle (112°) offers a large threshing area and higher through-put capacity.

Separation Unit
  • Straw walkers with 5 steps and high throw ensure efficient straw and grain separation, even in tough harvesting conditions.
  • Safety clutch with warning system, protects the entire system in case of overloads.

Cleaning Unit

  • A high capacity cleaning shoe system with opposed motion ensures better cleaning with low loss rates.
  • Self-cleaning system protects sieves from blockages.
  • Scroll-type fan generates a consistent air blast across the full width of the cleaning shoe.

Operator Station
  • Central operation station determines the most comfortable position and the best visibility for the operator.
  • The complete control panel ergonomically arranged ensures a easy and safe operation.

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