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Who we recruit

Accounting/Finance students

  • Majors: Accounting or Finance (12 semester hours of Accounting coursework required for full-time and Accounting majors applying for an internship position; nine semester hours of Accounting coursework required for Finance majors applying for an internship position)
  • Top 25% percentile range of cohort

Marketing/Product Support students

  • Majors: Marketing, Business Administration, Ag Business, Ag Systems Management, Tech Systems Management, Ag Economics, Ag Communication, Ag Education, Ag Mechanization, Agronomy, or related major
  • Top 25% percentile range of cohort

Careers for new grads

Accounting and Finance

We serve as the financial advisors for a global company with over $22 billion in revenue — and our role within John Deere is highly valued and respected. You may work at any of our manufacturing centers in the United States or around the world, gaining a wide variety of experience beyond standard accounting procedures. Focusing on capital, monthly, and annual budgets, you'll attend project team meetings and collaborate with engineers, test technicians, and manufacturing specialists.

Marketing/Product Support

Ready to help market one of the most respected and recognized brands in the world? In Marketing/Customer Support at John Deere, you'll find a variety of opportunities as you participate in strategic initiatives that help differentiate our products in the marketplace.

Once we give you the lead on a project, you'll have the freedom to tackle challenges with your own initiative and ideas. Our project managers and marketing team will work closely with you to provide the support you need to be successful. Job roles include territorial manager , customer and product support, tactical and strategic marketing.

How to apply

There are several ways to apply for an opportunity with John Deere. 

  • For INSEAD and NUS students, kindly contact your institution’s career placement personnel for more details
  • For all others, kindly contact us at 7AJDAEnquiries@JohnDeere.com

Please note that all information, plans, policies related to product, warranty, services and support available in this website will be subjected to specific review of your country for applicability.  Please contact John Deere authorized dealer for detailed information.