ExactApply™ for Sprayer Upgrade

ExactApply™ Sprayer Upgrade


Reduce crop damage and input costs even more—give your sprayer an upgrade

Control your spray and you can help control your costs. Get the benefits of the newest, advanced technology and keep the sprayer you already own. With a John Deere Performance Upgrade Kit, you can:

  • Maintain a consistent droplet size in a wider application speed range
  • Realize savings from section size reduced to a single nozzle body
  • Achieve greater accuracy of spray rate with turn compensation
  • Save on chemical and water expense

Our Kits allow you and your dealer to fit your sprayer with the latest technology, to help you work smarter and faster to get the strongest return on your investment.



ExactApply features precise droplet sizing and consistent application management. Providing you with three times the pulsing frequency of competitive systems – and advanced A+B nozzle design – ExactApply maintains your target rate and pressure over a wider range of speeds. Your dealer can work with you to determine your machine's compatibility.

  • Reduce over-application, crop burn, and off-target drift
  • Save 2-5% on herbicides and pesticides*
  • Cover more acres in a shorter time
  • Get in and out of the field when weather conditions are best

Ready to upgrade?

What kit is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Performance Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

Performance Upgrades Let's Talk


Schedule an evaluation of your current equipment with your John Deere dealer.

Performance Upgrades Customize


Our trained technicians will help you determine the best upgrade solution for your operation

Precision Kits Install


Add the latest technology and replace worn parts at the same time

Performance Upgrades Grow


Strengthen ROI, reduce input costs and improve yields* with new-to-you performance

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*Internal comparison of ExactApply components with non-ExactApply components, based on field and growing conditions. Individual results may vary.