Operations Center 105 Setting up your Equipment

Here you'll add your machines, implements, and devices to your account. Then you'll be set to organize and monitor them online or on your phone with the Operations Center Mobile app.

Want to learn more? Check out the how-to video on setting up equipment and sign in below.

someone holding a cell phone and data uploading into a tractor

Connect your entire fleet

A JDLink™ modem connects your machines, implements, and service vehicles. Once connected, equipment data is streamed directly into Operations Center where you can track performance, locations, and more.

a map with equipment locations on screen

Monitor your machines

Keep a constant pulse on equipment productivity with performance updates every five seconds. At a glance you'll know machine locations; current speed, fuel, and DEF levels; engine utilization; and working, idling or transporting status.

diagnostic alert on tractor

Get a jump on machine issues

Stay informed of possible machine issues before they happen by receiving diagnostic trouble codes. That helps you stay in front of issues so you can keep your machines up and running without delay.



Set up your land

Under the Land tab in Operations Center, you can set up and manage your fields. This is where you'll create and file boundaries, guidance tracks, flags, and more. Keeping your data in one place makes it easy to leverage whether you're planting, applying, or harvesting.

Check out the video for step-by-step instructions on setting up your land and sign in below.

land screen in operations center

Identify and name your fields

Land is the foundational building block for other tools in Operations Center. In Land, you can name fields so you always know the precise location of each one. Your operators will always know where and what to do. And you can track and record accurate field data.

boundaries created in field

Create boundaries and guidance lines

It's never been easier to set boundaries and guidance lines to better control equipment and keep work on track, so you can create more efficiencies and improve accuracy.

obstacles flagged in field

Flag field obstacles and obstructions

Land makes it easy to flag and document obstacles, obstructions, and other things to work around, like weeds, wet spots, or tiling and piping lines. Customizable and editable, flags give you valuable field information you can share with your operators.



Setting up your team

Team is where you assign who has access to your data. Not everyone has to get access to everything – you decide what type of data to share with whom. And you can quickly change it anytime.

Ready to start setting up your team? Watch the video to see how and sign in below.

work being assigned and prioritized to team

Prioritize who should be doing what work

Having your team set up and organized in Operations Center makes it easy to prioritize roles, responsibilities, and corresponding data access. It's easily editable anytime to give you and your team the flexibility you need.

operations center account on phone connecting to different apps

Connect with other agricultural resources

Operations Center makes it easy to connect with other people, companies, and tools you rely on to do your work. From your agronomist, your banker, or your crop insurance company, you control what data gets shared with whom.

dealer providing support

Connect with your John Deere dealer

With your permission and free JDLink connected service, your local dealer can remotely monitor your equipment and provide proactive service, reducing downtime for you and your team.

Upload Your Data


Uploading historical data

You'll be amazed how helpful it is having all your farm data in one place. Whether it's a wireless upload or a USB transfer, we can help you get your past data into Operations Center.

Here's a video to show you how.