Image of a StarFire™ 7500 Receiver

StarFire™ 7500 Receiver with SF-RTK

The StarFire 7500 – with SF-RTK – delivers next-generation performance and dependability. A multi-constellation satellite signal reduces time needed to achieve full signal accuracy. Season-to-season repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year.

  • SF-RTK signal offers RTK-like accuracy within 2.5 cm
  • Up to 73% faster pull-in times1, compared to SF3
  • Long-term repeatability, season to season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFireTM 6000 integrated or universal

Choose your level of accuracy

SignalHorizontal pass-to-pass accuracy Pull-in timeRepeatabilityDelivery methodLicense RequiredAdditional hardware required

+/- 2.5 cm

< 10 min

Long-term repeatability, season to season

StarFire™ Network

SF-RTK Renewable License


+/- 2.5 cm

<1 min

+/- 2.5 cm long term


StarFire™ 7000 or  StarFire™ 7500™ RTK Permanent License


RTK Radio

1Compared to previous models.