Wind Spirit: Leading the Way in Exploration Yachting

The Wind Spirit expedition yacht sailing on the water powered by a John Deere marine engine

Photography courtesy of Subzero Images.

Wind Spirit establishes a remarkable benchmark in the realm of dependable long-distance, long-lasting expedition yachts. This vessel was designed to travel into some of the world's most remote and pristine waters, setting a new standard for expedition yachting.

An exquisite ketch-rigged vessel that seamlessly combines the old and the new when it comes to expedition yacht builds, Wind Spirit is the latest sailing creation of Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders in Auckland, New Zealand. The 78-footer features a traditionally constructed hull made up of six layers of cold-molded longitudinal and diagonal planked yellow cedar.

The vessel is powered by a John Deere 6.8-liter marine engine and boasts a range of state-of-the-art features, including a Gori overdrive propeller and Torqeedo tender outboard. All are sourced from Power Equipment, the distributor for John Deere marine and industrial diesel engines in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific.

A John Deere 6.8 liter marine engine inside of the Wind Spirit explorer yacht

Photos courtesy of Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders.

Geared for long-lasting, far-reaching exploration

The John Deere 6.8L engine is a six-cylinder powerhouse that can deliver up to 209 kW (280 hp) at 2500 rpm (M2 rating). Known for its reliable and efficient performance, it's the perfect engine for explorer yachts that need a lot of power to navigate through challenging waters.

Designed for easy maintenance, this engine enables the yacht to maximize its time on the water with fewer service interruptions and reduced operating costs. This combination makes it the optimal choice for owners who prioritize reliability and efficiency. With a substantial 6,000-liter fuel capacity, Wind Spirit can comfortably and safely explore vast stretches of the ocean, requiring minimal stops for refueling.

The Gori overdrive propeller also brings significant advantages. The propeller's adaptable pitch ensures that the boat maintains optimal angles and water movement so the engine can operate at peak efficiency. This in turn results in higher overall speeds and reduces fuel consumption. The system's unique design means that Wind Spirit can maintain prime cruising speed with minimal engine stress, which translates to a longer engine lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

In addition to the John Deere engine and Gori propeller, Wind Spirit also carries a Torqeedo Cruise 6.0T (9.9 hp) electric outboard-powered tender. Torqeedo Cruise electric engines are a quiet choice for powering any yacht's tender, offering several advantages over traditional petrol-powered outboards.

A side view of the Wind Spirit expedition yacht sailing on a body of water

Photography courtesy of Subzero Images.

Powerful and efficient expedition yacht

According to Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders, the combination of these advanced technologies has resulted in a yacht that is both powerful and efficient. The vessel uses solar panels and sea hydro generators to sustainably power its array of lithium batteries.

Power Equipment worked with the boatbuilders to ensure that Wind Spirit was equipped with the best marine engine technology available.

"As one of the leading suppliers of marine equipment in the Asia-Pacific region, known for our high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Power Equipment is one of the first companies boat builders and re-fitters turn to when expertise and quality marine power is needed," says Luke Foster, Power Equipment's managing director.

Power Equipment suggested the John Deere 6.8L marine engine for its capability to handle rough waters, minimal noise, and seamless integration with the powertrain. They also oversaw the installation to make sure everything aligned smoothly and participated in sea trials to confirm optimal performance.

Setting sail into the future

The vessel is also a testament to Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders' commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. While someone might expect a yacht with Wind Spirit's brief to be somewhat spartan inside, the shipyard did an excellent job creating a luxurious and modern interior with elegant finishes and high-end amenities.

"We're thrilled to have been a part of this project and to have supplied Wind Spirit with some of the best marine technology available," says Foster. "Wind Spirit is expected to generate significant interest in yachting communities around the world, and it is sure to set benchmarks for similar vessels. With this unique powertrain, Power Equipment is helping set those benchmarks and is proud to do so."

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