Powering Underground Transport

Becker-Warkop transport system powered by John Deere 6.8 liter engine moving materials

In a coal mine, safety comes first. Becker-Warkop develops transport systems to move people and materials swiftly and safely in these hazardous underground environments. And to make the next generation of these systems a cleaner ride, Becker-Warkop upgraded its hydraulic pack to a Tier 3/Stage IIIA emission standard with a John Deere PowerTech™ E 6.8L engine. Already, more than 30 John Deere-powered systems have been sold worldwide and new, compact designs are in the works.

Becker-Warkop Sp. z o.o., headquartered in Swierklany, Poland, is a leading producer of underground transport systems made for coal mines, where methane and coal dust pose explosion hazards. Building on 30 years of experience and a commitment to constant improvement, the company designs mining solutions that combine the highest safety standards with productivity and flexibility. "Our systems let contractors move materials faster and safer, so they can increase their development of coal seams while saving on labor and maintenance costs," says Mateusz Koc, international sales department manager.

Next-generation of underground transport power

Finding the most suitable solution for the customer is one of the biggest challenges for Becker-Warkop. "Underground conditions can vary a lot: heat, dust, moisture. We constantly challenge ourselves to develop systems that work efficiently in extreme conditions," Koc continues.

Becker-Warkop uses a single power pack in its floor-mounted and suspended monorail systems. "For our next generation of diesel-driven systems, our focus was on optimizing key aspects, including fuel efficiency, air pollution, and heat emission. And we knew from experience that for the ‘ideal’ diesel engine, a power ratio of 150 kW (200 hp) power would be optimal."

The 6.8 liter engine fit the bill. "It could also be modified to meet explosion-proof certification, which is crucial in mining applications," explains Koc.

A man looking at a John Deere 6.8 liter engine

"Know-how, experience, reliability"

Becker-Warkop does everything in-house, from design stage to final product. "Our motto is 'Know-how, experience, reliability'," explains Koc. During design and development of the power pack, local John Deere engine distributor Techbud proved to be a true asset. "They gave us all the technical documentation and 3D models and were closely involved in the process.

"These guys are amazing; engaged in our product and committed to helping us market a product that makes a real difference for our customers," Koc says. "They visited us often during the development stage, and always answer our questions quickly. Plus, they gave great feedback and technical training for our staff." Due to the transport system's success, Becker-Warkop produces seven new units each month.

"The John Deere advantage is more than technical," Koc notes. "Our underground transport systems are used all over the world, and the well-developed John Deere support network gives us and our customers reassurance and peace of mind."

This success certainly isn't slowing down Becker-Warkop's commitment to expanding its range of products. A compact system is currently being developed, which will be powered by a smaller capacity John Deere engine.

Our systems are used all over the world, and the well-developed John Deere support network gives us and our customers reassurance and peace of mind.

Mateusz Koc
international sales department manager at Becker-Warkop Sp. z o.o.

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