A Strong Foundation

Geotech AB’s geotechnical drill rig powered by a John Deere industrial engine

A solid foundation is key for a strong building. And the strength of a structure's foundation largely depends on the physical properties of the subsoil. This is where the GEORIG 605 multipurpose geotechnical drill rig, built by Geotech AB, comes in. Powered by John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 4.5L Final Tier 4/Stage IV industrial engine, it enables contractors to make a proper study of the soil and rocks so they can decide on their foundation strategy.

Geotech AB in Askim, Sweden, began producing geotechnical drilling rigs in the 1970s to meet the evolving equipment needs of geotechnical investigations. The distinctive soft and sensitive characteristics of the local clay deposits led to the development of geotechnical methods such as Swedish Weight Sounding and Nilcon Vane Testing. "We started building drill rigs that support these methods, working with our customers to ensure that they are efficient, ergonomic, and user-friendly," says Mats Lundmark, deputy CEO of Geotech.

Geotech's drilling rig portfolio now ranges from the lightweight GEORIG 220 to the hefty GEORIG 707.

Fully equipped for regional geotechnical investigation

At the midpoint of the range is the GEORIG 605 multipurpose drill rig, designed for contractors in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It is fully equipped for most of the geotechnical investigation methods used in the region, including Norwegian Total Sounding, Swedish Weight Sounding, dynamic sounding, Cone Penetration Test (CPTu), Nilcon Vane Testing, and Rotary Percussion Sounding, as well as being equipped for sampling. The GEORIG 605 has a maximum pushing force of 70 kiloNewtons (15.7 pound-force), and a maximum pulling force of 130 kiloNewtons (29 pound-force).

The John Deere industrial engine inside a GEORIG 605 multipurpose geotechnical drill rig built by Geotech AB

Drill rig innovation and automation

Designed to offer the operator a convenient and efficient working environment, the rig comes with standard sensors for feed force, rotation, and depth. Optional sensors include torque, rotation pressure, hammer pressure, flushing media pressure, and flushing media flow. With two rotary units on the same yoke, switching from one to the other takes only seconds.

Several of the survey methods are fully or partly automated, while Geotech's innovative design nearly eliminates the friction between the yoke and the mast for increased accuracy and resolution in the feed force parameter.

Reliable power for long work hours

To maximize productivity, contractors need rigs that can operate continuously for long hours. That's why Geotech chose the PSS 4.5L industrial engine to power the 605 rig and its hydraulic functions. "It is very powerful for a 4-cylinder engine," Lundmark says. "It performs consistently, is fuel-efficient and quiet, even when operating at full capacity."

Swedish John Deere engine distributor Diesel Power AB delivered the first PSS 4.5L power pack customized in collaboration with the engineers at Geotech to ensure the best possible fit in a rig with limited space. Since then, Geotech has taken delivery of 17 more John Deere Stage IV engines.

Strong support for a good foundation

"Sweden, Norway, and Finland are key markets for us, and John Deere has a great support network in this region. We also know that Diesel Power has John Deere engines to match our wide range of drill rigs. They are an excellent partner to help us meet our customers' needs for reliability and availability, and we look forward to expanding our cooperation," Lundmark concludes.

“Sweden, Norway, and Finland are key markets for us, and John Deere has a great support network in this region. We also know that Diesel Power has John Deere engines to match our wide range of drill rigs. They are an excellent partner to help us meet our customers’ needs for reliability..."

Mats Lundmark
Deputy CEO of Geotech

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