How Construction Angels Supports Families During Tough Times

Nonprofit helps spouses and children when they need it most


Construction jobs can be dangerous, especially when working on busy roads or highways where the risk of accidents like distracted or impaired drivers is high. In fact, during an average workday, four construction workers in the United States tragically lose their lives.

Recognizing a Need

Recognizing the lack of support for the families affected by these tragic incidents, Kristi Gibbs, a passionate advocate for the construction industry, founded Construction Angels. The charity offers grief counseling and immediate financial assistance to spouses and children of construction workers who have died while working.

Kristi explains, “When talking to the families, you get almost a sense of relief. You’re sharing their most hurtful time with them. The tears of joy just to hear that there’s something like this to help them out with immediate financial assistance. We have a one-on-on conversation, which is really emotional.”

While Construction Angels provides immediate assistance, they also make a long-term commitment to families. A scholarship fund ensures that children who have lost a parent in a construction accident can pursue higher education. Additionally, the organization focuses on teaching safety and raising awareness to prevent future accidents.

Inspiring Others

Augusto Salles, a representative from Dobbs Equipment, a John Deere dealership serving multiple states, joined the board of Construction Angels after being inspired by Kristi’s unwavering passion. Augusto highlights the organization's efficiency, "Our support is immediate... Whenever a family is in need, we are usually one of the first ones to support them."

Kristi is grateful for volunteers like Augusto and for collaboration with dealerships like Dobbs, whose efforts have opened new doors for her organization. The partnership created an annual fundraising golf tournament that has become a significant source of financial support for the charity.

Kristi aims to expand Construction Angels to all 50 states by 2030, with the program currently operating in 24 states.