John Deere Rewards: Partners

Upgrade Your Membership

There are now more ways than ever to join John Deere Rewards. By meeting the eligibility requirements, you can earn a free Platinum Membership. If you’re already a Rewards member, we’ll simply add the Rewards credits to your existing membership. We want make sure you get the most out of your John Deere equipment, your John Deere dealer, and your association or affiliation. Jumpstart your Platinum membership through any of the following:

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Popular Partners

Equine Associations

Equine Association members are eligible for special discounts in John Deere Rewards.

Farm Bureau

Register today to receive your Farm Bureau discount.

Military Discount

Service members are eligible for a Rewards membership upgrade and discount.

View NCBA details

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

NCBA members have access to Rewards discounts.

National Hispanic Landscape Alliance

NHLA members receive a Rewards upgrade automatically.

Whitetail Properties

Buy or sell land through Whitetail Properties, and we'll upgrade your membership.