Tough jobs require tough machines — and John Deere's full line of rental equipment is ready to work whenever and wherever you need it. Learn more about renting John Deere equipment through these top FAQs.

Why should I rent John Deere equipment?

  • Easy to operate. Every piece of John Deere equipment was designed to be user-friendly for operators of nearly any background. With excellent visibility; comfortable, smooth, and intuitive controls; adjustable control patterns; well-integrated attachment functions, and more, Deere machines are easy to use so you can get your hard work done.
  • Quality and durability. John Deere machines are proven to be rugged and reliable. From backhoes to skid steers, you can count on us to design and produce durable equipment.
  • Industry-leading product lineup made available to the IRC industry. With numerous models and versatile attachments in all earthmoving size classes, no other company in the industry comes close to offering such a well-rounded, full line of equipment to the IRC industry. From skid steers and compact track loaders to excavators and utility vehicles, John Deere's rental fleet can do it all.
  • Excellent support from John Deere's world-class dealer network. John Deere and its dealers stand behind their products — rental fleets included. Dealers are trained to service what they sell with stellar access to parts from nearly 1,000 North American locations, so you can focus on getting the job done. Plus, Deere is committed to serving independent rental companies, large and small, and has proudly supported the American Rental Association for 45 years.
  • Easy to maintain. Deere equipment is made to work hard to make your life easier. Many models provide for same-side service access to make fast work of fueling and other daily tasks, and self-diagnostic features help you avoid problems.
  • Built to perform. Rental customers know they can get more work done with Deere. The machines are designed to do it all, and users appreciate their performance, power, cycle times, breakout, stability, and maneuverability.
  • Safe and sound. Deere machines are well stocked with numerous safety features, including excellent visibility, easy machine entry and exit, safe and predictable controls, and more.
  • Outstanding brand acceptance. John Deere has established a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, productive, and well-supported equipment. After all, Nothing Runs Like a Deere.

Where can I rent John Deere equipment?

You can rent John Deere equipment through a variety of independent rental companies, many of which are members of the American Rental Association, and John Deere dealers also may choose to rent equipment. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.

What are the most commonly rented pieces of John Deere equipment?

While these machines are the most commonly rented, John Deere delivers the reliability you need through our expansive line of equipment and attachments, available to rent in all earthmoving size classes. 

How do I know which attachment I need?

John Deere offers more than 100 attachments, so you're sure to find the right tool for the job. Ultimately, the attachment you need depends on your project — and there's an attachment for almost any task. Tearing out broken concrete? Trenching a waterline? Installing holes for fence posts? There's an attachment for that.

The type of attachment you need also depends on the size, weight, and hydraulic flow of the base machine that you rent. When renting, select an attachment that matches the base machine. A reputable independent rental company or your local John Deere dealer can consult with you on your project and recommend a suitable attachment, base machine, and more.


Need more information about our equipment? Contact your local John Deere dealer today.