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Agriculture, Sustainability   April 01, 2024



Growing more with less—the power of data.

John Deere connected machines stream data to the John Deere Operations Center™, an online farm management system that provides farmers with tools to make more informed decisions, reduce input costs, and achieve higher yields.

As the connected machines move through the field, the information they send to the Operations Center helps growers farm more efficiently by empowering them to create plans and direct in-field work so they can farm more acres in less time—and do a better job on every pass.

Engaged acres is a reflection of the number of unique acres with at least one operational pass documented in John Deere Operations Center in the past 12 months. In 2022, John Deere had 329 million engaged acres in the U.S. By 2026, the goal is to grow that to 500 million. Ultimately, the John Deere Operations Center can help provide farmers with the knowledge they need to grow more with less.

Sustainably engaged acres reflect the number of John Deere engaged acres that incorporated two or more sustainable John Deere technology solutions, or sustainable practices such as cover cropping and conservation tillage over a 12-month period.

Engaged, highly engaged, and sustainably engaged acres allow John Deere to partner with customers on a deeper level to further unlock economic and sustainable outcomes.

"With deep, real-time insights, farmers are better equipped to make decisions that improve the quality of their harvest and care for the land that produces our food," says Andy Greenlee, senior staff engineer for John Deere's Sustainability Solutions.

The benefits of sustainable practices grow beyond the soil. As more acres are highly and sustainably engaged, John Deere expects to see that customer outcomes around nitrogen use efficiency, crop protection efficiency, and CO2e emissions reduction will be enhanced. ‡

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