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Hippa Lodge

Powering Paradise

Welcome to Haida Gwaii, a Canadian archipelago off British Columbia’s north coast, where Westcoast Resorts offers secluded floating lodges powered with quiet, reliable John Deere-powered generator sets. See what makes these lodges every angler’s dream.

Puck Enterprises Battleship

Manure Masters

As the U.S. leader in swine production, Iowa is also a leading producer of manure . See how a local company uses John Deere power to turn what was once considered a waste product into a valuable nutrient-rich fertilizer coveted by crop growers across the country.

Orchard’s Innovator

Mechanical & Irrigation Solutions, based out of California, has been powering irrigation equipment and harvesting machines with John Deere engines for the past seven year. See how one man has integrated John Deere engine technology with a new, innovative peach harvester

Industrial PowerSource Volume 4, 2017, Winter

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Deere At Heart

Deere At Heart

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