This Short Form Mobile App Privacy Statement ("Statement") summarizes information collected, used and disclosed by Deere & Company, along with its affiliates and controlled subsidiaries (collectively, John Deere) for online services accessed from mobile devices and tablets via a mobile application ("Mobile App"). The John Deere Enterprise Privacy Statement applies to Mobile Apps, but this Statement provides additional information about Mobile Apps that link to this Statement. Additional specific notices and terms may apply to a specific Mobile App.

What information is collected?

During your use of the Mobile App, John Deere may collect information about you and your use of the Mobile App, some of which is Personal Information. Some of this information may be collected through the use of third parties, including third party data analytics providers. This includes the following:

User Provided Information:

John Deere may collect information provided or entered by you when you download, register and/or use the Mobile App.

Information John Deere Collects:

Depending on the Mobile App, John Deere may collect additional information such as (a) your mobile phone number; and (b) information concerning other John Deere Mobile Apps you have downloaded or used. Depending on the Mobile App's functionality, and your device settings, John Deere may access information stored on your mobile device, such as videos and photos and your contacts or address book, and John Deere may collect information through other features of your mobile device such as the microphone.

Automatically Collected Information:

The Mobile App may collect certain information automatically, including, but not limited to, the type of mobile device you use, device identifiers (such as an IP address or other unique identifier for the mobile device and tablet), your mobile operating system and browser, number of times the Mobile App is opened, and information about your activity on the Mobile Apps (i.e., information about which features, content, and services you use within the Mobile App). Additionally, John Deere may collect information about the Mobile Apps themselves, such as errors or defects.

The Mobile Apps may automatically assign a unique series of numbers and letters to your device so John Deere knows how identify the device to deliver content to the Mobile Apps and to assist in providing automatic updates. Additionally, a device token may be assigned to facilitate the sending and receipt of push notifications.

Precise Location Information:

When you use a Mobile Apps containing location-enabled services, the Mobile Apps may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine the mobile device's current location. Some Mobile Apps may need your precise location for one or more features to work properly.

Why is Personal Information Collected, Used and Disclosed?

John Deere's use and disclosure of Personal Information is set out in the John Deere Enterprise Privacy Statement. In addition, John Deere collects, uses, and discloses Personal Information to:

  • Provide you with the Mobile App and its contents, including its interactive features and functionality, authenticate you, deliver the services you have requested, share information to you and from you, provide location-based services, provide personalized content, and fulfill your requests.
  • Communicating with you:
      Respond to requests and to address any issues or concerns;
    • Notify you when updates to the Mobile Apps are available, and of changes to any products or services offered through the Mobile Apps.
    • Send you push notifications to notify you of updates, changes, or other relevant information. A push notification is a way for the Mobile Apps to send information via a badge, alert, or pop-up message;
    • For some Mobile Apps, send you SMS messages to authenticate you.
  • Improve the quality and design of the Mobile App, John Deere products and services, and to create new features, functionality and services.

The Mobile App may incorporate technology from third party service providers. Some Mobile Apps may use Google Firebase phone authentication (formerly known as Digits by Twitter) for identity management and Google Firebase notifications for notification sending. Mobile Apps also use one or more of the following data analytics software provided by third party data analytics providers, including Google Analytics, Crashlytics and AWS Mobile Analytics. Analytics software automatically collects and analyzes information about usage of the Mobile Apps, and data analytics providers help John Deere understand how the Mobile Apps are used (such as frequency and duration of usage). They also provide insight any errors, problems or issues with the Mobile Apps. Please see Google's Privacy & Terms and Crashlytics’ Privacy & Terms for more information.

John Deere is not responsible for the privacy or other practices of any third parties to which you provide access to your device or other information. For example, John Deere is not responsible for the privacy or other practices of your mobile operating system, device carrier, platform provider (i.e., Apple iTunes, Google Play) or other mobile applications that you download or use. The platforms on which the Mobile App is distributed may provide us with information, such as the number of people who download the Mobile App, device model, Mobile App version, country, language, and mobile carrier.


Your mobile device settings may provide the ability to restrict the collection of certain device data. For example, depending on your mobile device (and operating system) you may be able to disable the Mobile App’s access to the camera, microphone, or other features through your mobile device's settings. Some features of the Mobile App may then be inaccessible or not function properly.

Some Mobile Apps contain location-enabled services. If you do not want the Mobile Apps to determine the mobile device's current location, please turn off the location services for the Mobile Apps located in your mobile device’s settings. Turning off this feature may cause the Mobile App to not function properly.

Depending on your mobile device (and operating system) you may turn off 'push' notifications or alerts through your device's privacy settings. If you do disable your mobile device's notifications or alerts functionality, some features of the Mobile App may then be inaccessible or not function properly.

Finally, other choices may be available depending on the functionality of the Mobile App. Some Mobile Apps may enable you to elect to share certain information with other users, such as content or the mobile device’s current location.

You also may be use the standard uninstall process on your mobile device or via the applicable app store(s) to uninstall the Mobile App.

Access & Correction:

You may have various rights under applicable law, such as the right to access, correct and delete personal information. You may have the ability to access, correct and delete information you entered in the Mobile Apps through the Mobile Apps themselves. If you need assistance exercising rights you have under applicable law, please contact us at

Location of Information:

John Deere is headquartered in the United States of America and its affiliates and controlled subsidiaries are located in various countries throughout the world. John Deere also engages third parties to provide services, who are located in the United States and abroad. Data may be transmitted to countries with different, and perhaps less protective data privacy laws and regulations, including the United States of America. Data transferred is subject to the laws and regulations of the United States and other countries and may be accessible to those countries' law enforcement or national security agencies.


This Statement may be updated from time-to-time. Please review this Statement regularly for any changes.

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