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Are Worn Nozzles Costing You?

Spray nozzles are some of the smallest and most overlooked pieces of equipment on a sprayer, but they have the greatest effect on accuracy, efficiency, and drift potential. Worn spray nozzles can increase application rates and/or change distribution patterns causing under- and over-application impacting your bottom line.

Worn Nozzle Spray Pattern

Under Application

  • Reduced yield
  • Inadequate weed, pest, or disease control
  • Repeated trips over the field

Over Application

  • Increased input costs
  • Crop damage

New Nozzle Spray Pattern

Nozzle spraying

ApplyPlus Mobile App for Sprayers

The ApplyPlus App for John Deere 4 Series Sprayers helps you with proper setup and maintenance. Right from your phone or tablet, you can select and buy nozzles, calculate tank mix, calculate pump rate capacity for Direct Injection, and more!

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ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System Makes Every Droplet Count

The John Deere ExactApply Nozzle Control System helps you cover more of your crop with better precision, making sure every droplet does its job. Get triple the pulse rate modulation of other nozzles for a more consistent droplet size from each nozzle at all sprayer speed ranges – enabled by a more constant spray pressure. Vary the rate across the entire boom to greatly reduce input costs and possible crop damage while assuring the right spray rate even as you make a turn.

Express Boom Assembly

Replace warped poly booms with durable stainless steel and change nozzle spacing as desired to maximize your sprayer performance for years to come. Customize whole boom sections easily – and economically – on select sprayer models. Talk to your dealer today about financing specials when you use your John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account.

Direct Injection

Accurately inject chemicals into the carrier flow without having to mix them in the solution tank. No more rinsing the tank between chemicals either.

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