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Interview Tips

Tips to help prepare you for the interview process at John Deere.

1st Round Interviews

1. Visit our website and do some research to get to know John Deere.

2. Dress appropriately for the interview, business professional attire.

3. Bring extra copies of your resume and know what is on it.

4. Make sure you know the exact time/location of your interview and arrive a few minutes early.

5. Tell us about yourself. We want to get to know you and the experiences that would make you a valuable member to our team.

6. Be prepared to get asked questions and answer the questions in a STAR (Situation/Task, Action, and Result) Method. This allows you to more thoroughly explain your education and experiences that make you fit for the job.

7. Get to know us by preparing some questions that make us think. Don’t be shy to ask questions. This helps us build a connection and understand your desire to get the job.

8. Relax and take a deep breath, no one knows more about you than you!

You’ve gotten this far—now come land your dream job!

2nd Round On-site Campus Interviews

Guidelines for the 2nd round on-site college interview process to help you feel more comfortable when coming to an on-site interview with John Deere:

1. Arrive at the designated transportation pick-up location at time specified by Interview Logistics to ensure you arrive at Deere & Company on time.

2. Employee(s) will welcome you and lead you to the correct conference room.

3. You will receive a packet that includes your schedule for the day.

4. Employee will review the schedule with you and you will be able to ask any initial questions.

5. Candidates will introduce themselves and then we will start the interview process.

6. Employee will give an overview of internship/development program.

7. Lunch or a snack will be provided based on the time of the interview.

8. A tour of the facility will be given.

9. Candidate will be given a time table of when they will be contacted by the hiring personnel.