A Digital Security Journey: Securing Our Products Against Cyberattacks

Bishop Fox helps John Deere proactively address cyber security threats

To help ensure John Deere products are ready to withstand cyber security threats, we invited Bishop Fox to one of our test farms to work alongside our digital security teams.

Bishop Fox is one of John Deere's digital security strategic partners specializing in offensive security tools.

Carl Kubalsky, business information security officer, said the ag industry is not immune to cyber attacks and Deere's partnership with Bishop Fox is critical to the company's digital security approach.

"Bishop Fox was here today because they've demonstrated throughout the years that they're experts in our technology stack and have an ability to help us understand where we might be vulnerable before the adversaries have a chance to effect that value for our customers," Kubalsky said.

James Johnson, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at John Deere, said the company has worked continuously since he became the company's first CISO seven years ago to build its digital security program with internal teams and to partner with external experts.

"Security is not something you just get done overnight," Johnson said. "It's really a journey most companies have to go on."

Johnson said John Deere's senior leaders and board of directors have showed unwavering support to building a strong digital security team, which includes working with companies like Bishop Fox.

"They're security consultants that specialize in (penetration) testing and finding vulnerabilities whether it be in software, embedded systems or cloud environments," Johnson said. "They've been a very impressive partner that connects with John Deere's mission and also with our security group."