Building the Culture of Security at John Deere

How John Deere’s Digital Security organization protects our customers, dealers, products and infrastructure

Portrait of James Johnson
James Johnson, Chief Information Security Officer

About seven years ago John Deere focused its management of digital security through a security organization led by a new Chief Information Security Officer, James Johnson, to oversee the effort and the creation of multiple teams to do the work.

"Building a security-focused culture doesn't happen overnight—it is a journey, and my journey at Deere started in 2014 with the unwavering support of our executive leadership team and the board of directors," Johnson said. "We have built a strong foundation, but there is always more to do."

Deere adopted the NIST Cybersecurity framework to guide the security strategy and has leveraged this framework to assess security posture, prioritize investments and measure progress. There was also a focus on developing employees' skills through training and hiring new employees with cybersecurity experience.

"Our actions and investments demonstrate our commitment to continuously improving our security posture, attracting and retaining best-in-class security talent, partnering with industry leading security suppliers and advancing our adoption of best-in-class security technologies that deliver meaningful and sustainable results to our customers, dealers and shareholders," Johnson said.

In an upcoming series of articles on, Deere's digital security strategic initiatives and how they protect our customers, dealers, products and infrastructure will be highlighted.