NEWS RELEASE   March 01, 2022

John Deere Introduces John Deere Protect™ — Parts & Fluids Plan

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JDP Parts & Fluids plan help protect investments and maximize uptime

  • John Deere introduces the expansion of the John Deere Protect™ program with the addition of John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan.
  • Like the John Deere Protect Service Plan, John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids plan help protect your investment and maximize uptime but also allows the flexibility for customer technicians to complete the maintenance work.
  • Where on-site service by a dealership technician is not possible or practical, the John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan provides customers with options to conduct maintenance services and inspection while utilizing their own technicians.

MOLINE, IL (March 1, 2022) — In April 2021, John Deere released the John Deere Protect Service Plan to better support customers through improved aftermarket and support capabilities. John Deere is now releasing the John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan, which includes the same great John Deere Protect benefits, but with the added flexibility of having the preventative maintenance labor and inspection performed by the customer's own technicians. Both the John Deere Protect Service Plan and the John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan, help customers manage long-term ownership costs, and provide flexibility for customers to maintain their machines.

"John Deere Protect service plan was a great success, but we had one request from our customers… added flexibility. Our customers recognize the value of John Deere Protect and the expertise their John Deere dealer provides, but were either located in very remote locations or already had capable technicians on staff," said Dan Stecklein, Manager, Service Marketing. "John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan is based on the same foundation of machine warranties and assurances, use of genuine John Deere parts and fluids, and proactive machine monitoring, while enabling the customer to perform the maintenance labor with their in-house technicians."

The John Deere Protect Parts & Fluids Plan will be available for select John Deere construction equipment in the United States and Canada starting on March 1, 2022. To learn more about the John Deere Protect program, as well as the full line of John Deere construction equipment products and solutions, visit or contact your local dealer.

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