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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

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John Deere dealers know what it takes to support production-class machines. Each is armed with advanced machine monitoring, remote diagnostic capability, and world-class parts availability.

Factory Support

Regional Depot Stocking

To support your production-class equipment, John Deere has invested millions in regional depot parts inventory. Our goal is to provide same-day shipping* in cases where dealer inventory can't cover the need.

24/7 Factory Tech Support

Factory technical support specialists, who focus on production-class equipment, are ready to help dealers support your heavy equipment in the field — anytime day or night. They provide a direct link to engineering and product support personnel, and can help resolve issues quickly.

Prioritized Case Handling

At John Deere, every technical assistance request involving heavy equipment gets immediate priority. You get top priority because we understand that high-production work is like an assembly line — when one machine stops, your whole operation stops.

Technology-Supercharged Support

Every John Deere production-class machine comes with 5 years of JDLink™ machine monitoring in base, including remote diagnostic and programming capability. This advanced John Deere WorkSight™ technology enables faster, more cost-effective problem resolution.

Dealer Support

Parts Prerequisite

Dealers selling production-class equipment are required to meet thorough parts stocking criteria. Their investment in local parts inventory is designed to support the high uptime you expect on your heavy equipment.

Service Tools Requirement

What good are parts if you don't have the tools to install them? All participating dealers are equipped with production-class service equipment. Their shop service bays and cranes are designed to handle big iron work, and their service trucks are equipped to perform jobsite service.

Yearly Technician Certification

While our dealer techs are familiar with the machines in the field, they're required to successfully complete dedicated heavy equipment training before they work on these machines. They're also required to get re-certified every year, ensuring you top-notch service when you need it.

John Deere Ultimate Uptime

Ultimate Uptime includes the advanced, uptime-enhancing capabilities of John Deere WorkSight™ for 24/7 machine monitoring, remote diagnostics, and more. Your dealer can suggest additional services like extended warranties for a custom solution based on your business needs.

Big Parts Promise

One of the ways Deere Does Big is by providing the parts you need when you need them to keep your heavy equipment producing day in and day out. To prove it, we’ve introduced the Big Parts Promise.