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Gain visibility and control of your operation with the machine technology you already have

Reduce Repair Costs

Prevent Theft

Improve Productivity

Optimize Your Fleet

Simplify Management
  • Reduce Repair Costs

    With JDLink, your dealer can diagnose and program your machine remotely, eliminating technician trips to the job site and making repairs faster and more cost-effective. Plus, tire pressure and temperature monitoring can help you avoid premature wear.

  • Prevent Theft

    Quickly and easily establish geofences and curfews, so you always know where your machines are. If a machine operates outside your approved area or work hours, you'll receive an automatic alert.

  • Improve Productivity

    Utilization reports can help you identify operator training opportunities that will lead to higher efficiency.

  • Optimize Your Fleet

    Identify excessive idle time and make adjustments to reduce fuel burn. You can also pinpoint overworked or underutilized machines to match the right machine to each job and make more informed equipment acquisition decisions.

  • Simplify Management

    Schedule standard maintenance plans with alerts to remind you when machines are due for service. You can also send data and alerts directly to your business system for added efficiency.

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  • View engine load and fuel consumption to match the right machine to the job.

    Compare fuel consumption across machines to identify inconsistencies in operation.

    Keep an eye on how much time is spent in reverse to minimize undercarriage wear.

    Monitor grade control system utilization.

  • Set up geofences and curfews to receive alerts if a machine operated outside your approved area or work hours.

    Monitor idle time to identify ways to reduce fuel consumption.

    Recognize underutilized machines so they can be redeployed.

    Use an application programming interface (API) to transfer data directly to your business system.

  • Monitor payload and trip counts remotely to increase productivity.

    Make sure your operators are using the retarder correctly to reduce premature brake wear.

    Track fuel levels to schedule efficient refueling.

    Keep tabs on tire pressure and temperature to avoid excessive wear.

  • Monitor time spent in each gear to identify operator training opportunities and increase efficiency.

    Set up maintenance plans to get alerts when intervals are coming due.

    Make sure your operators are using cross slope for optimized productivity.

    Confirm that particulate filter exhaust cleanings are occurring for continued uptime.

“JDLink impacts the bottom line. I cut $20,000 of idle time out in just one year. That's fewer hours on the machine over its lifetime. That's less fuel we have to purchase.”

Kevin Van Bree
Birnam Excavating Ltd.
Forest, Ontario

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