Respect and Preserve

Brazilian loggers, C.F. Servicos Florestais, help build a sustainable future in Brazil

Crystian Fracasso stands in front of a skidder

The mission of Brazilian logging company C.F. Servicos Florestais is to harvest and haul wood, while respecting and preserving nature. This responsible focus on the environment is important in a country that has the second largest forested area in the world after Russia. Approximately 485 million hectares are naturally regenerated forests, which comprise the Amazon rainforest. These lands are protected by government regulation and must remain under permanent forest cover to reduce deforestation. 

Forest management is the key to sustainable logging in Brazil. All loggers must have a logging permit along with a formal forest-management plan. With a few exceptions, loggers are restricted to harvesting planted forests, mainly on large-scale industrial forest plantations. 

Planted forests comprise 7.7 million hectares located mostly in the south of Brazil. C.F. Servicos Florestais harvests for the Celulose Irani S.A. Company in the city of Vergem Bonita in southern Brazil. Celulose Irani produces corrugated and packaging paper, a key segment in Brazil’s forestry industry. 

Most planted trees are pine and eucalyptus, which both thrive in the excellent soil and climate conditions. C.F. Servicos Florestais harvests approximately 40,000 tons of pine and 5,000 tons of eucalyptus a month.

We use John Deere machines and Waratah heads because they are dependable and help us keep our business growing.

Crystian Fracasso
Crystian Fracasso
C.F. Servicos Florestais

C.F. Servicos Florestais was founded in 1996 by Crystian Fracasso. Over the years the company has grown into a thriving logging operation with 50 employees. Mechanization, continual innovation, and adherence to international quality standards have allowed C.F. Servicos Florestais to meet high quotas while attaining high levels of customer satisfaction. “We strive to have our services recognized in the forest sector,” says Fracasso. “We hope to achieve this using the most state-of-the-art technology on the market.” 

Fracasso continually searches for equipment that helps the company achieve greater productivity at lower operating costs. In 2018, C.F. Servicos Florestais upgraded its fleet with a John Deere 859M Feller Buncher and a 948L Skidder, along with a 160G LC Excavator and a 2144G Harvester equipped with a Waratah HTH616C head. “We use John Deere machines and Waratah heads because they are dependable and help us keep our business growing,” says Fracasso.

The outlook for Brazil’s pine-wood products is optimistic. With planted forests providing a sustainable supply of wood for the country’s wood products, Brazil’s volume of lumber and plywood has continued to grow in recent years. The United States is the largest importer of Brazilian wood products, which also include roundwood, pulp, woodchips, laminated wood, paper, flooring, and furniture. Other key markets are Mexico, China, and Western Europe. The future looks bright for C.F. Servicos Florestais.

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