Every Drop Counts

E-Series Knuckleboom Loaders are Designed to Burn Less Fuel

John Deere Knuckleboom Log Loader with white background

In today's competitive environment, squeezing more productivity out of every drop of fuel is key to staying profitable — and in business. Fuel usage greatly impacts the costs of operation. So if you're adding or replacing a knuckleboom loader, make fuel efficiency a key consideration. Recent updates to the 337E and 437E can make them up to eight percent more fuel efficient than before in certain applications. Find out more about the fuel-efficient 337E Knuckleboom Loader and 437E Knuckleboom Loader.

Here’s how E-Series Knuckleboom Loaders help you burn less fuel:

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Optimal rpm

In our recent machine update, we optimized operating rpm to improve fuel economy without loss of machine performance.

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Smart hydraulics

Proven pressure-compensated load-sensing hydraulic system delivers power on demand for strong delimbing performance, while reducing fuel consumption.

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Fuel-sipping diesels

John Deere EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engines maintain maximum engine performance while minimizing total fl uid consumption — diesel fuel plus diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

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Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren’t in use to save fuel.

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Saw circuit and dedicated pump

Circle saw’s dedicated pump increases cutting power and saw-recovery time, and supports the requirements of all circle saw sizes and applications.

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Deere’s machine-monitoring system, JDLink allows you to track overall fuel consumption, compare fuel-burn rate across multiple machines, and see time spent idling so you can make decisions that improve fuel use.