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Intelligent Boom Control is a Smart Choice

John Deere 1170G 8W Wheeled Harvester cutting down trees in the forest.

Put your mind at ease. Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) does the hard thinking, so you don’t have to. Optional on the CH6 boom for the 1170G, IBC provides simple, fatigue-beating control. Simply direct the grapple to where you want it, and IBC does the rest — there’s no need to control each boom joint separately. Positioning is precise, especially with long reaches.

IBC adjusts to the work cycle, changing boom trajectory and functioning depending on whether the head is empty or holding a tree. By guiding the operator, IBC helps ensure smooth operation and less stress on the boom. All this adds up to boom operations that are easier, more precise, and more efficient — IBC helps new operators work up to fifteen percent faster.

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