June 10, 2015

Keep Skidders Healthy with Valve-Lash Adjustment

The 6.8L PowerTech Plus diesel in your skidder is a high-performance engine and needs to be maintained as such. The engine features a four-valve versus a two-valve design, which increases horsepower with less turbo drag, for more consistent engine performance. The four-valve design also allows the engine to meet EPA Tier 3 (EU Stage IIIA) emission requirements while delivering the power, torque, and engine response forestry applications demand.

Engine valve-lash adjustment is absolutely essential for long life, peak performance, and optimal fuel economy. Here's what you need to know.

What is Valve Lash?
Valve lash is the preset gap between the rocker arm and valve bridge on a four-valve engine. As the camshaft rotates, the cam elevates the pushrod and rocker arm, slowly consuming the valve lash. Once the valve lash is consumed, the valve is then opened.

Wear points
The four valve engine has two additional wear points in the valve train, making proper valve-lash adjustment very important.

Normal engine wear will increase valve lash over time. However, when valve lash becomes excessive, the components begin to forcefully collide, reducing engine efficiency and increasing the rate of wear. Contaminated oil limits lubrication protection, making the situation even worse.

To keep your engine performing at its best, adjust the valve lash as prescribed by the manufacturer. Make this part of your preventative-maintenance program. Your dealer can include this in an Ultimate Uptime package customized to your specific needs. Let them focus on your machines so you can stay focused on your business.