July 01, 2015

For the Love of the Land

Like most loggers, a love for the land and working outdoors led Chad Nimmer to the timber industry. However, Nimmer quickly learned that the business knowledge is crucial to success in the logging industry.

Capitalizing on his passion for forestry, Nimmer began his professional life as a forester when he had the opportunity to join the family-owned dealership of Pierce Timber Company in early 2000. Four years later, Hugh Thompson, the owner of Pierce Timber Company, and Chad had an opportunity to expand into areas that were not currently being served by Pierce Timber Company. Hugh and Chad started Suwannee Forest Products in Fargo, Georgia. Today, Chad is recognized as a business leader in the forestry industry with an eye always looking toward the future – but he didn't get there alone.

Most great entrepreneurs are quick to give credit to their mentors, and Nimmer is no exception. He is a shining example of the great opportunities and rewards one can achieve as a logging professional through investments of time, hard work and dedication, though he credits much of his success to his business partner and mentor, Hugh Thompson who helped him build a strong foundation for his career.

When asked to pay it forward and share his best business advice for a young person considering a career in logging, Nimmer said:

"Look Beyond the Trees and learn to have a deeper understanding of the business behind the timber industry. It's a 28 billion dollar industry in the state of Georgia alone, and there are great opportunities, great rewards with the work you put into it – but don't forget it's extremely hard work.

Building relationships with new folks is by far the best part of being a logger. In spite of what the world will tell us, you can still do a trade with someone on a handshake and your word. That still means something in this industry, and to me that's the most rewarding part of my job – building relationships with people I can trust.

I would also recommend finding a mentor. I was fortunate to find a mentor and business partner early in my career. You hear of people investing in people, and my mentor, Hugh Thompson is definitely one of them."

At John Deere, we believe the future of the forestry industry is bright, and full of passionate business professionals like Chad Nimmer. These individuals continue to inspire John Deere to advocate for their continued achievements and develop reliable products to keep the industry up and running.