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Nufarm is teaming up with John Deere Financial to bring your customers exclusive offers on the products they use to protect crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease.

2017 Nufarm Crop Protection Financing Program

Eligible Crop Protection Products Program Dates Minimum Purchase Finance Rate Payment Terms
See list below December 1, 2016 – September 31, 2017 $3,000 120 days NP/NI, followed by Prime +11.9% APR* Due in full December 2017


Don't let your customer miss out on No-Payments/No-Interest financing!

Customers who take advantage of the increased purchasing power of a Multi-Use Account from John Deere Financial can get No-Payments/No-Interest financing until September 31, 2017. This program is valid on purchases of $3,000 or more of the following products:

  • Bactericide: Agri-Mycin® 17, Mycoshield®
  • Fungicide: Azure™ Xtra, ChampION++™, Ultra Flourish®
  • Herbicide: BurnMaster™, Cheetah®, Clean Slate™, Cloak®, Comet™, Credit® Xtreme, Curio™, Leopard™, Panther® SC, Purestand®, Rapport® BroadSpec, Rapport® TankMix, Relegate®, Scorch™, Spitfire®, TruSlate®, Tuscany™, Weedmaster®, Weedone® 650
  • Insecticide: Abamex™
  • Plant Growth Regulator: CottonQuik™, CutOut™, FreeFall® SC, Terminate
  • Seed Treatment: Sativa® M RTU, Sativa® M2F RTU, Sativa® IM RTU, Sativa® IMF Max, Sativa® IMF Sembolite Max, Spirato® M 185 FS, Spirato® MTm 285 FS, Spirato® IMTm 348 FS
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*Offer ends September 31, 2017. Offer limited to Multi-Use Agricultural Account customers with an available Special Terms limit. Subject to the Multi-Use Account credit agreement and John Deere Financial approval. Up to No-Payments/No-Interest Financing followed by the ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR) provided in the Multi-Use Account Credit Agreement. The principal balance, accrued interest, and all finance charges associated with the purchase are due in full on the December 2017 statement due date. Regular Multi-Use Account rates will apply after that date. Offer may be limited to qualifying products and minimum purchase requirements. Subject to merchant participation.

Agri-Mycin 17, Cheetah, Cloak, Credit Xtreme, FreeFall SC, Mycoshield, Panther SC, Purestand, Rapport BroadSpec, Rapport TankMix, Relegate, Sativa IM RTU, Sativa IMF Max, Sativa IMF Sembolite Max, Sativa M RTU, Sativa M2F RTU, Spirato M 185 FS, Spirato MTm 285 FS, Spirato IMTm 348 FS, Spitfire, TruSlate, Ultra Flourish, Weedmaster and Weedone 650 are all registered to Nufarm Limited. Abamex, Azure Xtra, BurnMaster, ChampION++, Clean Slate, Comet, CottonQuik, Curio, CutOut, Leopard, Scorch and Tuscany are all trademarks of Nufarm Limited. © Nufarm Limited – All rights reserved.

Multi-Use Accounts are a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b.