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Landscaping Equipment:
Leasing 101

What Is an Equipment Lease?

A lease feels like renting equipment. You make monthly payments for the usage of the commercial mower and work with your dealer to determine how many hours you will use the machine for a set period of time, usually two or three years. At the end of the lease you return the equipment to the dealer and can choose to purchase the equipment for its remaining value or lease new commercial landscaping equipment.

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How do I know how many hours I’ll use a machine? What if I use more or less?

Your dealer can help you estimate how many hours to lease your machine. But don’t stress, because John Deere Financial offers the Ultimate Forgiveness Program™ when you continue to lease. If you go over your hours, we’ll forgive half; if you’re under, we’ll give you a credit.¹


My crew is rough on machines. What if the landscaping equipment is damaged when I return it?

We’ve got you covered here too. With the Ultimate Forgiveness Program, we’ll forgive up to $250 of damages on your commercial mower.¹


Why is leasing a popular choice for landscaping equipment financing?

Monthly lease payments are typically lower than loan payments, which allows landscapers more cash for other business expenses. John Deere Financial offers seasonal or skip payments: payments are higher during your busy season and lower in your slow season. Equipment leasing also allows you to regularly rotate commercial-grade lawn mowers, so you always have the benefit of new machines.

Let's compare payments...

Financing ExampleMonthly LoanSeasonal LoanSkip LoanMonthly Lease
2.90% APR 36 Months ($10,000 Financed)
$290 per month
$100 for 6 months
$0 for 3 months
$213 per month
2.90% APR 36 Months ($10,000 Financed)
$479 for 6 months
$386 for 9 months
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¹Not an offer for financing, provided for example purposes only. See your dealer for current programs, rates and other options. All loans and leases subject to approval by John Deere Financial. Seasonal and Skip loans for Commercial use only. Taxes, freight, setup and delivery charges could increase monthly payment. Prices and models may vary by dealer.