John Deere 160G Excavator in workarea

Equipment Leasing

 John Deere 9620R Tractor


Reduced operating costs per hour – Generally pay fewer upfront costs and lower monthly payments.
The latest technology – With newer equipment in your fleet, you can take advantage of new equipment advancements.
Less downtime – You're more likely to avoid the service bay with a newer fleet.

Compare your options with the purchase or lease brochure, or talk with your dealer to apply today. Have a lease that's reaching maturity? Review the checklist for lease returns.

John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader

Construction & Forestry

Improved bonding capacity – Strengthen financial ratios since leased equipment doesn’t appear on your balance sheet.
More cash on hand – Generally pay fewer upfront costs and lower monthly payments.
Quick fleet adjustments – Lease additional equipment without negotiating a new contract
Flexible payments schedule – Choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments. Skip payments are also available.

Apply online or talk to a dealer today. Want more information? Read the brochure. 

John Deere WH36A and WH48A Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

Landscaping & Grounds Care

Hours forgiveness – If you exceed the hour limit, you can have half of the excess hours forgiven when you lease another commercial mower.
Rollover hours – if you use fewer hours than what your lease stipulates, we’ll give you a credit toward your next commercial mowing lease.
Damage waiver
– We’ll forgive up to $250 of any damage/excessive wear and tear if you lease another commercial mower.

John Deere 8900A Fairway Mower

Golf & Sports Turf

Reduced maintenance costs – Your leased equipment will be under warranty.
Potential tax benefits – When equipment acquisition is part of your operating budget, you could get a tax advantage. Consult your tax advisor.
Flexible payments schedule – Choose your payment date and opt for direct payments.

Ready to lease today? To get started, complete your course profile. Or for more information, read the brochure.

Want to finance other business needs?

You can cover parts, service, technology, attachments, and other necessities with a Multi-Use Account or PowerPlan™ Account. Both help you free up cash and offer special financing throughout the year. Choose the account designed for your industry.

Image of a John Deere Crop Sprayer


Finance crop inputs, attachments, parts and service needs.

John Deere Commercial ZTrak Mowers

Landscaping & Grounds Care

Purchase attachments, equipment parts and service.

Image of a man replacing parts on John Deere equipment.

Construction & Forestry

Relife program, equipment repairs, parts and service needs.

John Deere Crossover Gator Utility Vehicle

Special Offers

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