Viva Argentina!

An outdoor generator set on a balcony above a city

Argentina is a land of impressive contrasts — from the skyscraping peaks of the Andes to the busy streets of Buenos Aires.

Whether Argentines are mining minerals on a mountainside or serving up dishes in an urban restaurant, a reliable, steady source of electricity is important. And Powgen Diesel's mission is to keep this diverse and vibrant country running without interruption.

Located in Buenos Aires, Powgen Diesel specializes in corporate, marine, and domestic power solutions and has more than three decades of experience manufacturing generator sets, generator plants, motor pumps, and lighting towers. "We focus on ensuring the continuity of daily activities of companies and individuals, and boosting big energy projects in the community," explains Norberto Galarraga, executive director.

Powgen's line of John Deere-powered generator sets ranges from 45 kVA to 180 kVA. While some units are portable prime-power units, a majority are emergency standby generator sets for hotels, hospitals, and other businesses. Nearly half of the gen-sets are customized

Galarraga takes pride in the engineering and technical support Powgen Diesel offers customers through its service department. "Our engineers and technicians are highly trained and have specific experience in the different areas involved in each project," he says. The company also has its own telemetry department that monitors generator sets while they are operating in the field to ensure maximum uptime.

An engine with a simple design that is reliable even in extreme working conditions is something Galarraga can appreciate. Since 1998, he's found these qualities in John Deere diesel engines. "There are a lot of manufacturers of generator sets in Argentina, and we believe that offering John Deere engines gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

John Deere engines have proven themselves in more than 1,000 Powgen generator sets across Argentina over the past two decades. Galarraga recalls a 45-kVA mobile generator powered by a John Deere 4.5L engine working at a high-elevation gold mine in the Andes. "The generator set fell 300 meters (984 feet) down the side of a mountain. The company, Barrick Gold, brought the generator set in for repair, and the engine was still fully operational."

Aligning with a company that has similar values helped forge a strong relationship that spans two decades. "Our company shares many of the same values and principles as John Deere, and that makes it easy to work together," says Galarraga.

Our company shares many of the same values and principles as John Deere, and that makes it easy to work together.

Norberto Galarraga
Executive Director of Powgen Diesel