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For more than 13 years, AlgarExperience has provided tourists with an unforgettable boating experience on the Algarve coast. Founded by brothers Pedro and João Bacalhau, this maritime tourist company makes the treasures of the Algarve coast open to everyone through intimate and inclusive cruises on handicapped-accessible catamarans.

Why John Deere?

AlgarExperience catamarans are built for stability, comfort, and safety. When previous engines couldn’t provide the necessary torque for their 120-passenger vessel, and engine vibration and noise became too intrusive, the brothers decided to repower with John Deere marine engines.

Now that the boat is equipped with twin 6.8L diesel engines, the captains have more control while maneuvering through tight spaces along the coast. Their engine efficiency increased as well, with reduced vibration, noise and fuel consumption. Plus, the brothers are very pleased with how the engines respond at top speed.

With a continued passion for sharing treasures of the Algarve coast, the Bacalhau brothers are motivated to expand their business. And based on the John Deere engines’ performance on the open sea, along with energy efficiency and reliability, it was an easy decision to purchase eight more.

The past two seasons we’ve seen that the engines are reliable, have a lot of torque, and really low vibration and noise.

Pedro Bacalhau
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