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Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame trailer parked in front of AT&T Stadium

There isn't anything quite like the sound of a football stadium packed with die-hard fans — and Texas football is no exception. From season passes to signed jerseys, Cowboys car wraps, and even naming children after legendary players, Dallas Cowboy fans exemplify that even team spirit is "bigger in Texas."

To show their appreciation, the Cowboys started the "Cowboys on Tour" mobile program in 2009. The tour travels from state to state with a caravan of two luxury buses and the legendary Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame trailer.

"It's essentially a 53-foot billboard on either side of the trailer — it screams Dallas Cowboys as I'm driving down the road," said Charles Boltas, the Hall of Fame trailer driver. "So, as you can imagine, people honk and roll down their windows to show their team spirit as they drive by. People love seeing it." Boltas has even had fans follow the trailer for nearly 30 miles just to get a photo once it's parked.

Inside the trailer, fans will first find a collection of the team's trophies and rings on display. The rest of the space is divided into four sections: one dedicated to the current team, one about the Jones family foundation and their charitable work, another about the original 1960s Cowboys team, and the last commemorating America's sweethearts, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

"We have some original cleats from the 60s; we have a statue of Tom Landry; we have a timeline of the Cowboys' history," said Boltas. "It shows people what the Dallas Cowboys organization is all about and how much we appreciate our fans." Other items inside the "mobile museum" include Dak Prescott’s quarterback towel, Jason Witten's gloves, and the current team photo.

When it came to repowering their trailer, Boltas says he wanted a generator driven by an engine "capable of matching the caliber of the Dallas Cowboys."

Their top draft pick? John Deere. Specifically, a PowerTech™ E 4.5L gen-drive engine.

The generator set helps power all the equipment on board, including the lights, hydraulic pumps, the air conditioning and heating units, the televisions, and their entire AV rack — to name a few.

The efficiency and noise-level of a John Deere engine is a welcome bonus. "We can separate the tractor and trailer by only a few feet and you can barely hear the engine," said Boltas. "It’s absolutely quiet. It's like nothing I’ve ever heard."

With the Hall of Fame trailer running with a dependable generator, Boltas can instead focus on what he likes most. "I love going to new cities, checking out the local flavor, and meeting some crazy awesome fans. We love our fans. I love to hear their stories about how they became a Dallas Cowboys fan, and maybe how their parents and grandparents were also die-hard fans. It's the best part of the job."

We needed an engine capable of matching the caliber of the Dallas Cowboys.

Charles Boltas
Hall of Fame Trailer Driver


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