The 4045S: A Fast, Fuel-Efficient Crab Chaser

Donald Haught’s vessel, Crab Chaser

A lifelong commercial fisherman, Donald "Spike" Haught of Port Norris, New Jersey, makes long daily runs to tend to his crab pots.

Since repowering his boat with the new 4045S engine, his 9-meter (30-foot) Crab Chaser is chasing crab faster than ever, running a top-end speed of 24 miles per hour (20.8 knots) at 2600 rpm — 8 miles per hour (7 knots) faster than the 1982 engine it replaced.

Haught says the 4.5L engine flexes its muscles when the boat is loaded with pots and bait. "Before the repower, I would cruise 14 knots, and when loaded with pots, the speed would drop to 12 knots. Today, I can load the boat with 120 pots and it gets up and goes, running 18 miles per hour (15.6 knots) easy — no hesitation whatsoever."

Haught paired the 205-kW (275-hp) engine with the boat’s existing ZF 220 transmission and 56x61-centimeter (22x24-inch), four-blade prop. Because the 4045S is shorter than the engine it replaced, Haught modified the engine bed and lengthened the shaft.

The new 4045S reduced the overall weight of the vessel by nearly 135 kilograms (300 pounds). "The 4045S is lighter and about half the size of my old engine, but it packs some wallop for its size."

Not only is the 4045S powerful, it's also more economical on fuel. At cruising speed, Haught calculates that the engine consumes 19 liters (5 gallons) per hour — a rate that's almost half of the previous engine that burned 34 liters (9 gallons) per hour. "It's a boost to my financial bottom line," says Haught. "I estimate that I will save $10,000 (USD) a year."

The 4045S is lighter and about half the size of the 1982 engine it replaced, but it packs some wallop for its size.

Donald Haught