Customer Profiles

Two custom painted pumps by Barco Pump

Oil and Gas Pumps Go Custom

While the oil and gas industry can be unpredictable at times, the equipment on-site can’t be. And on a mission to bring custom, reliable pumps to the jobsite is Barco Pump.

Mark Milbourne’s boat, Deere Lady

New Power for Deere Lady

Mark Milbourne repowered his 10-meter Carmen with the 4045S, replacing his John Deere PowerTech™ 6068SFM.


Donald Haught’s vessel, Crab Chaser

The 4045S: A Fast, Fuel-Efficient Crab Chaser

Donald Haught repowered his 30-foot vessel with a John Deere PowerTech™ 4045SFM85 engine.

Design engineering manager Derrick Davis and the BTC-300 forestry mower

Finding the FT4 Fit

Integrating a Final Tier 4 engine into new or existing equipment doesn’t need to be a daunting task when you have the support of a John Deere engine distributor.

Michel Franck aboard the Sea Explorer

Sustainability of the Sea

Sea Explorer plays a fundamental role contributing to sustainability in the Mediterranean.

A man smiling widely promoting Deere at Heart

Deere At Heart

We know that behind every John Deere engine, there is a story. A story of passion, inspiration and hard work. We want to hear your story, and share it with others who are motivated by John Deere power.

Flory nut harvester

Flory keeps it compact

Flory Industries leverages integration engineering experience from John Deere to transition to Final Tier 4.

Unforgettable, Limitless Experiences

AlgarExperience makes the treasures of the Algarve Coast accessible to everyone through intimate, inclusive cruises.

Marty Wise’s boat, Graycie Lynn

The 4045S: Pairing with jet-propulsion

Marty Wise repowered his jet-propulsion fishing vessel with John Deere PowerTech™ 4045S engines.

The Sequoia luxury yacht sails into the sunset

High-class island hopping

Explore Indonesia’s Coral Triangle aboard Sequoia.

Tenias almond harvester in the orchard

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Self-propelled Tenias almond harvesters harvest and shell almonds on the go, changing the way the crop is grown.

Two men from air-o-fan

Leading With Tradition

John Deere engines remain Air-O-Fan’s engine of choice after years of product improvements

Thompson family out catching lobster

A Lobstering Legacy

Five generations. Four boats. One shared passion. See how John Deere power keeps this tradition pressing on.

“We’re very driven to deliver products that are simple and easy to use,” says Coe.

Harvest smarter, not harder

COE Orchard re-engineered its machines to perform the same amount of work using less horsepower.

Sperling Railroad plate laying machine

Painless Plate Laying

One engine. 110,000 pounds of machine. See how a John Deere 4.5L engine and a Funk™ Series 28000 pump drive hydraulically power a plate laying machine.

The Admiral Hornblower vessel on the water

Power and Prestige in San Diego

A repowered Admiral Hornblower continues a legacy of entertainment along the southern California coast

Harlo Products forklift

A Forklift Facelift

Using a lower-horsepower diesel engine without compromising speed and lifting power

A generator set outside on a balcony above a city

Viva Argentina!

Keeping a country running on John Deere power.

Terex truck-mounted auger drill

Drilling Made Easy

New Terex auger drills boast new technologies that simplify work

Precision Drilling Corporation

Driller's Diesel

Battling brutal temperatures in remote regions of Canada calls for reliable power.

Michelle Rittenhouse on her boat

Born to Fish

A commercial fishing career is launched aboard the renovated Pamela Dawn.

An oil refinery that DDT works to clean

Carnivores of Crud

The DDT Pigg hogs out on buildup inside refinery process lines and pipelines

Inside of the CSX maintenance garage

Monster Garage

CSX builds a wide range of maintenance machines to keep its railroads running smoothly

A Vegetative Roof in Toronto

Vegetative Rooftops Come Alive

Express Blower assists a growing trend for urban rooftop gardens.

The Enterprise is a converted landing craft used to harvest mussels

A Tractor of the Sea

Repowered Enterprise flexes its “mussels” offshore

A fishing vessel made of an aluminum hull

Reeling in the Benefits of a New Boat Design

Alice Faye packs a lot of fish and technology in a small aluminum hull.

Sanada out on the ocean

The Lure of a Liveaboard Lifestyle

A John Deere-powered Outer Reef fulfills a couple's dreams

American Commercial Barge Lines

Priceless Protection

American Commercial Barge Line goes to great lengths to safeguard our nation's waterways and the crews who work on them.

John Deere engine used by Genesal Energy

Zeroing in on Energy

Co-created micro-grid boosts sustainable energy use in Spain.

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame trailer parked in front of AT&T Stadium

Top Draft Pick

Dallas Cowboys score with a Gen-Tech generator set powered by a John Deere engine.

MS Dixie II touring Lake Tahoe

Paddle Wheeler Paradise

Tourists view one of the prettiest lakes in America in a grand nostalgic boat.

A Bollard generator from MER Equipment

Aloha, Bollard!

ER Equipment keeps their cool when delivering to Hawaii.

Brandt Road rail tool

The Railroad Remedy

What's as strong as a locomotive on and off the rails?

Kadey-Krogen yacht

An Incredible (Educational) Journey

Peter and Sara Gebhard created a "living textbook" during a year at sea. See how the Gebhard family travels with Deere at heart.

An aerial view of Marsh Creek, Alaska

Off the Grid in Alaska

Marsh Creek gets creative to bring power and heat to remote Alaskan villages. Discover why Alaska is a big fan of John Deere.

The Hippa Lodge at Westcoast Resorts

Powering Paradise

Chip barges turned luxury fishing resorts meet all their on-site power needs with generator sets from John Deere.

A New York City ferry provided by Hornblower

Ferrying the Big Apple

Public transit gets the A-list treatment.

Mixing machine surrounding by piles of materials for cement

Mixed and Ready to Roll

Only a Cemco concrete batch plant can hack it in the Scottish countryside. See how John Deere engines make this possible.

Vacmasters potholing near a wind farm

Strength from Within

Hazards from digging in areas where underground infrastructure is present are minimized with the use of air and hydro excavation systems. Learn how Barone Vacmasters are making excavation projects safer.

Hawk Crusher machine

Determination Paves the Way for Success

Midland Machinery introduced a foldable road widener that can be moved without a permit — and achieved Final Tier 4 compliance with PowerTech™ engines.

Divers swimming under the catamaran

No-Barriers Diving

Physically impaired scuba divers enjoy the experience of a lifetime thanks to a unique watercraft, a dedicated team of instructors, and a lot of heart.

Zinex Mining drill

The gold rush is still going strong

Prospectors hoping to strike it rich have journeyed to some of the harshest, most remote places in the world. Zinex Mining understands this passion first-hand — and they're supporting others' quests by creating a drill designed for hard-rock exploration.

Rain for Rent HH80 pump

Working Wisely with Water

Rain for Rent saves farmers' crops from weather-related hazards with innovative water solutions.

KRVE vessel

Guiding Through Gust and Gale

Making sure crews arrive safely to the fourth busiest port in the world is a major responsibility for the KRVE fleet. Find out how they weather strong currents and gusty winds to bring ships into harbor.

Charles Crawford

Rise of Reinauer

Reinauer Transportation's fleet of tugs and barges transport petroleum through the U.S. Atlantic Coast waters with the power of John Deere engines.

Barre and Amy Banks

Compact size and power leads to wider roads

See how Midland Machinery’s new foldable road widener makes transport hassle-free — and doesn’t require a permit.

James and Jennifer Hamilton

Adventures in Dirona

After selling their house to live on a yacht, James and Jennifer Hamilton travel the globe with the help of a fuel-efficient John Deere engine.

Florida Marine towboats

Fueling America

Florida Marine Transporters, one of the largest inland fuel transporters, ensures their vessels are safe and reliable with John Deere marine engines.

The Belem 19th-century ship

Born Under a Lucky Star

The last remaining 19th-century French three-masted barque on the high seas, the Belem is now powered by twin John Deere 13.5L engines.

Wendella passenger vessel

A Touch of Venice in Chicago

With newly fitted John Deere engines, Wendella is putting a Venetian twist on transportation services in the Windy City.

Barge on the river

Moving America's Black Gold

Magnolia Marine Transport trusts John Deere engines to meet emissions standards while moving asphalt, oil, and more throughout the Mississippi River system.

Pilot boat

Master of Design

Surfing the waves inspired Bill Preston, a 50-year naval architect, to design an innovative pilot boat using John Deere engines.

Trawler yacht

Cruising in Confidence

After mastering both sailing and powerboating, Murray Birch is now cruising into retirement on a John Deere engine-powered yacht.

Chad and his team cleaning a river

Living Lands and Waters

Chad Pregracke embarked on his environmental mission to remove trash from the Mississippi River in 1997, and he has fueled a nationwide environmental movement unlike any other on the inland waterway system.

Sea Blaster tourist vessel

Fun in the Sun

Boat racing has inspired three generations of boat builders in the Bonner family. Now the latest boat maker in the family continues the tradition with two new John Deere–powered tourist vessels designed for speed.