Jensen mining drill

Mining Power

Implementing an electric drive system can be daunting. It's complicated and time-consuming, and it could require you work with multiple vendors to get everything you need.

Not anymore. John Deere has mastered integration so you don't have to worry about configuration. John Deere provides:

  • Total machine integration
  • Vehicle electrification components
  • Funk™ drivetrain components
  • Performance, quality, and peace of mind with more than 4,000 global service locations
  • Off-highway diesel engines
Talk to the experts

Talk to the Experts

Work with us to electrify your off-highway machine.

The Zinex TR-LS5 features a high-torque PowerTech Plus 6.8L engine

Strike Gold!

Modern-day '49ers go exploring for minerals with Zinex Mining diamond drills.

John Deere allows its engine distributors to customize their engine package to our specifications, which is a benefit.

Paul Schlumpberger
President of Pioneer Pump, Canby, Oregon

Product Line Up

Funk Drivetrain Components

Drivetrain Components

John Deere delivers an integrated drivetrain system — and the service needed to support it — to boost performance, maximize uptime, and lower cost of operation.

PowerTech PSS 6068

Industrial Engines

John Deere engines give you the power to attack heavy loads without stalling or lugging the engine. Higher peak torque and faster transient response give you the extra muscle you need to push through.

PowerTech Plus 6090

Generator Drive Engines

Can’t afford for the power to be off? Rely on John Deere PowerTech™ generator drive engines for standby and prime power to make sure your critical applications stay on.

Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle Electrification

John Deere is a leading fully integrated powertrain, drivetrain component, and vehicle electrification provider.