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What affects your business? Discover John Deere Electronic Solutions as we share articles and helpful resources surrounding the electronics industry

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A Unique Customer Experience

How can we help expand your product portfolio? Discover the JDES experience.

Changing from 16-bit to 32-bit microprocessors.

Learn about the change from 16-bit to 32-bit microprocessors.

The Next Generation in Power Electronics

Learn how John Deere Electronic Solutions is working towards the future of power electronics.

Mitigating Resonance in Multiple Inverter Systems

Defend your system against harmful resonance caused by multiple inverters.

JDES News Releases

JDES announces new distributor in Germany

Read about our expanding footprint in Germany with inverter distribution and services provided by Rational Motion.

A truck with eCanter decals on the side

John Deere PD400 Inverter used in the Fuso eCanter fully electric truck.

Learn how the PD400’s flexible software provides features for the Fuso eCanter electric drive system.

Providing hybrid electric bus market innovations with Vanner Inc.

PD300 inverter powers accessory components in Vanner Inc.’s IAP II™ system.

JDES introduces MTG 4G LTE telematics hardware

Ideal for advanced telematics applications, the MTG 4G LTE provides machine health monitoring, advanced logistics, machine control and so much more.

AC Sine wave Filter

How many ways can you use 200 kW of clean 3-phase power?

JDES is developing a liquid cooled, high power density AC Sine Wave Filter.

All-In-One: The PD400 Dual Inverter

Compact and efficient machines are critical to heavy-industry customers’ success. With the numerous complex systems and their many parts, it is no surprise that utilizing space efficiently can be a challenge for engineers. The newly released PD400 modular inverter from John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES) provides space saving and flexibility to system designers with a solution for high-voltage / high-power hybrid electric vehicles